Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making progress!

I don't have any pics to place tonight unfortunately, but I did want to drop in a line to give you an update over the last few days progress. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be able to get some time to put up some pics.

In the past week, I've managed to wash and clean a butt load of curly wool to use for some of the ornaments and the Santa dolls. Just one freezer bag took me nearly 2 hours to separate out and nearly 4 hours to wash and clean the entire bag of hair! So, I spent a good amount of time just for preparing. But, the hard work paid off in the long run and I'm now down to having only 6 more Caucasian Santa ornaments to beard. Perhaps this weekend I will finish bearding the last few.

Since the wool was already out and I was in the middle of making my mess with it anyway, I proceeded to beard the next 18" Santa head as well. I have to admit, this Santa doll head come out fantastic. I can't wait to post pics of his head to show everyone!

Not only did I accomplish all of the above, but I also worked on the 32" Santa head. He is finally done being sculpted with his neck and breastplate, baked, and ready to be painted and have his beard on him too. He looks fantastic! Tomorrow, I will hopefully begin work on his hands since I have the clay out and ready to continue work.

It is nice to see big projects such as this come together a little at a time. It will be nice to have them finally complete.

I hope you return in the next day or two to view the new WIPS of these Santas.

Until then...
Take care,


  1. Nadiia,
    So nice of you to stop by and join in on the Santa party! Thank you for your wonderful comments. I'm glad that you like them. :-)