Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The dark fairy update

As promised, I have some update pictures of the dark fairy. They are not the best pictures because the in my house is so aweful. But, once she is completely finished, I'll take her pictures outside and hopefully I'll have some better results then.

Before I post the pictures, I just want to share with you all the horrible moments I have had creating her wings! I don't normally work with themes that are dark natured, so her costuming was the initial irritant for me. Nothing I could find would work right for me. Until finally I came up with what she is wearing now. I have a feeling that because of the costuming issues, it set the pace for the problems I have had creating her wings.

The process I used to make her wings is probably used by many doll artist who make fairies. But, for the average Joe that does not know how some of the wings come to be, I'll share with you one of the ways in which I create them. I have used many different processes in the past, but this is how I proceeded to make her wings.

First I took 2 layers of organza fabric and fused them together using a special material. Once I did this, I cut out my wing pattern in the way that I so desired them to be. After I finished this, I then took a light weight wire, and used my sewing machine to stitch the wires down to the wings to create a "veining" in the wings. This allows them to be bendable and freely poseable. It is really a wonderful feature that comes with the fabric wings. Anyway, after I did this, I found some black silk rose flowers at the store. I took the pedals from the flowers and cut these in small pieces that would mimic a "feather". Then, I took these new feathers and glued them down to both sides of the wings creating the layered feather look. Well, needless to say, after all this work, it did not look the way I had envisioned it to look. So, back to the store I went looking for black feathers. I could not find what I was looking for, but ended up purchasing a bag of black "fluffy" feathers. Well, my thought was to take bits and pieces from the fluffy feathers tucking them into my new hand made wings. I thought it would give it more the "feathered wing" look. Well, putting tuffs here and there did not feel very appealing to me. So, I wound up cover the entire wings front and back. Now, mind you, most normal people probably would have taken the entire fluffy feather and just glued the thing down, quill and all. But, oh nooooo, that would have been way too easy for me. I had to cut the feather off of the quills and glue them into position one little bunching at a time. As you can imagine, from start to finish, this pair of wings have taken quite some time to create. If you can believe I have worked on them now for about 3-4 days? Get up, go to work for the normal day job, then spend several hours each night fighting a pair of wings. Yep...that is the process, folks. And, can you believe, even after all that work, I DO NOT like them still. So, back to the drawing board for me.

So, now, I am waiting on some new feathers to come that I have ordered over the internet. These are longer, sleeker feathers, with a smooth appearance. They should be black, with a hint of metallic type of color in some sort of greens as the picture looked. I believe they are rooster feathers of some sort. Anyway, the goal is to have the fairies feathers mimic that of her friend the crow. If you can picture a "magpies" feathers, I guess these might look somewhat like that. *shrug* Hard to say when all you are doing is looking at pictures on the internet when you order something. I just pray they are exactly what I need, otherwise, I'm gonna have to make do with the next best thing. But, it hopefully will be worth the wait for these feathers. As it is, the current wings felt more like black angel wings to me. It just wasn't the look I initially wanted.

Anyway, here are the pics of our dark fairy. I call her "The Raven and the Crow". The pictures at the moment, again, are horrible, and I apologize for that. Darned old houses, the only thing good about them is the roof over your head. *sigh* So, because the pictures are poorly, you can not really see the fine details on her at the moment. For example, you can not see the tear drops coming down her cheeks. I do hope you enjoy the WIP picture nonetheless. Hopefully, her new feathers will be here soon, and I can get her wings made and some new and better pictures up so you can see her better. I do hope you like her despite her crappy pictures.

raven and crow1

raven and crow2
raven and crow3

raven and crow4

While I have been waiting for her new feathers to arrive in the mail. I decided to pull out a project that I had started on a few months ago. At the time, I became discouraged with her, and put her aside to save for a later date when I had more patience for her. So, I have made some progress with her these past couple of days. She is a little woodland pixie. She looks funny at the moment because she has no cothes and no hair. Her body doesn't have a lot of detail on her because she will have clothes on anyway. *shrug* It's the way of the doll world. Sometimes they get gorgeous boobs, and sometimes they get mosquito bites. LOL Here she is with her mosquito bites! Maybe I can have her finished by this upcoming weekend. We shall see!



And, last but not least. While I was working on the dark fairy, I also had another project going strong on the side. I guess I can never work on one thing at a time. If I did, I would probably work a lot quicker, but, I suppose this is just my style. This is of a little Christmas candy elf. Of course, the pics are horrible...but I think it is just enough so you can get a good idea of what she looks like. I will be taking better pictures of her this weekend, and will have those pictures put up on my website. Anyway, this adorable little creature is named "Skittles". The candy in the prop were all hand-made out of polymer clay. It is not edible. So, if you should end up the lucky recipient of "Skittles" please do not eat the candy, you'll get a horrible belly ache! lol

Here is the cute little "Skittles". I hope you like her.



Well, that is all that I have for you this evening. Hopefully I'll have more in a few days. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. I know they are not the best quality, but I'll have better ones up on my website once they are finished.

Hugs to all,


  1. yayx, so many dolls and the dark fairy is just wow! The idea with the birdy is great. ...I'm getting a feeling that I am realy tooo slow with my dols lol *runs back to her working room* :)

  2. LOL you can't rush a masterpiece, Dorote! You work at just the right pace. I've been fiddling around with the dark fairy and the christmas elf for a few weeks now. And, the pixie...she's been sitting on my desk for about 4-5 months starring at me. It was time I finished her up once and for all. :-) Mainly because I'm tired of looking at her! I'm hoping to get new pictures sometime this weekend. We will see if the weather permits.


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  4. Thanks, Hungeryjack! Appreciate your compliments and for stopping by!

    Take care,