Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wicked Witch update

Here it is, Halloween and I'm sad to say, my poor little wicked witch will be unable to take flight tonight. What a terrible travesty this is. What is a witch who can not satisfy the itch, to fly on Halloween night! Oh, my, what will she ever do? Her broom has not been found yet, and her clothing is still at the tailors! And, of course, she missed her appointment to the hair dresser on top of all this! This is, indeed, a sad state of affair. I suppose, she will go and take in a baseball game instead with a towel wrapped around her head!

It is true, I have not finished her yet as I had hoped I would have been able to do. Unfortunately, this week has been a very chaotic week, and even though I have worked hard on her, things just didn't fall together as I had planned. I guess this is the sort of thing that happens when you have a kid in high school and your plans automatically become their plans. LOL Such is life, and the way of the world. I'll only be able to live these high school moments for one more year after this. So, I might as well relish them as they come. My boy managed to get picked up to play this weekend on a travel ball team for a tournament in Kissimmee, playing at the Houston Astros training facility. Last night, he played on the actual field that the spring training games are played on prior to the start of the major league season. That was a lot of fun as the sports complex and the field is beautiful. Today, we will be out there again playing ball. So, with all the travel time, and the down time in between games, that put me behind on my poor wicked witch. Sad to say, but, a baseball mom has to do what a baseball mom does best! Root for the team! :-) Win or lose, we'll have a great time.

Anyway, I wanted to give you the updated pics of this wicked witch before I head off to get ready for ball games today. Her body seems a little too skinny, but her clothing will make up the bulk of it. So never mind her scrawniness. And, of course, she is more bald than a pumpkin in these shots! I think a pumpkin has more hair than she does at the moment. lol But, atleast you can now see her boots....minus her shoe strings, as I'll do them after her costuming is finished. I don't want her tripping over them as we fidget with the costume. hehe

I hope you like the update, hopefully, I'll have her finished early this week. But, I'm afraid this weekend has been shot out of the murky Halloween waters due to baseball tournament games.

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween, and has as many fun tricks as they have yummy treats!








  1. wow wow wow She looks good.
    Hmm if a witch can look good whahaha
    And great boots!!

  2. OMGOSH...Lori..she looks AWESOME!!! I love how you did the shoes....fantastic. And the face...simply witchtastic. Hugs, Regi

  3. LOL Essie! Of course a witch can look good! They spend hours bathing and getting ready...haven't you heard? rofl Glad you like her good looks!


  4. Hiya Regi!

    Thank you for stopping by and for your wonderful compliment! She is definately very witchy. lol You should see her with hair on her head! I'll be posting updated pics soon I hope if I can get her costuming done soon.