Friday, November 13, 2009

4 more Santa ornaments on Ebay!

Since I am busy trying to finish up this special commissioned fairy, I thought I would keep you all entertained with some more running auctions on Ebay. I have just added 4 more Santa Claus ornaments to the list; so now there are 6 in total running up on Ebay at the moment. I also added the merbaby "Orion" that I pictured here a couple weeks ago.

This time I was able to get some pictures of them outside in the natural light of the day. So, they are much better quality photos, and that makes me a happy camper! I'll be adding more ornaments later on next week up for auction, so if you do not see one that you have fallen in love with just yet, hold on to your britches as there are plenty more to come in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure before long, you will fall in love with their whimsical old world fashioned santa faces. :-)

Here are the next 4 pics and their auction links:
santa ornament3
santa ornament4
santa ornament5
santa ornament6

Now that we have the Santa ornaments taken care of, I thought I'd now add another picture of Orion and his auction link as well, in case anyone was interested in the little tyke! He was the little fella I completed a couple of weeks ago.

I hope you enjoy watching the auctions!

Take care and have a fantastic day!


  1. These are so good Lori....are these some of the Santa village...LOL...ones you did? So awesome!!

  2. HAHA Regi, yep these are the guys I've been working on in the "santa village". I have plenty more to come still, but can't see putting them all up there at once. It would be like a volcano erupting! hehe Glad you like them so far. :-)

    Hugs to ya,