Monday, November 2, 2009

Almost there!

No pics yet, but wanted to let everyone know we are drawing to a conclusion on our wicked witch. I have FINALLY finished her costume. I did a lot of swapping and rearranging and swapping and rearranging...but after much witchery, we are now finally happy with our appearances. lol

And, there has to be something said for the doll-maker that will put hair on a dolls head in the middle of the Houston Astros training stadium in Kissimmee at your son's baseball tournament game on Halloween night by the light of nearly lit full moon, especially if that doll is a Halloween witch. :-D Talk about something special. Well, she no longer has a bald pumpkin head, and I have to say, her hair do really makes the doll, along with her outfit. I admit, I am VERY proud of this doll as she came out way better than I expected her to.

Now, all that is left are her props and her stand/base. I will work on all of these items when I come home from work tomorrow. I will probably not have pictures ready tomorrow, since it will take some time to finish these last few bits up. But, hopefully on Wednesday, I will have some final pics. Now that it is getting darker outside much earlier, it is hard to find the time to get out and get pics before it gets too dark. There is something to be said for those wonderful lucky artist who have a real working studio that they can take pics whenever they want to in the wee hours of the morning even. I can only dream of having that availability to me. But, until I am a well-off doll maker and can afford to convert my detached 2 car garage into a working studio, I'll have to settle for the small stream of sunlight in the open air of my front porch for my photo shoots. :-)~

Anyway, stay posted as it will not be much longer!

Many hugs,

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