Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making waves and took the plunge!

As stated in my previous post, there have been changes on the way. As a result, I have not been able to post for a few days to keep you all updated as to my progress with all the changes. On top of that, my son came down with strep throat this week, so that put me back a few steps. It always seems like something. :-D

At any rate, you will be amazed at all of the accomplishments I have made this past week. I think my son being home sick has actually allowed me some time to get some things done since there were no baseball games for him. Can't play if you are sick. I'm sure the coach was not happy about that, but nothing can be done about it either. *sigh* I think the coach will get over it in time. haha

So, in my absence these past few days, I have managed to get a new Etsy shop up and running. You can find all of my available dolls and figures there for purchase at I was surprised at how long it took to upload everything there. Hopefully, the new name will help in the selling of my dolls and figures.

The next thing that I accomplished was to recreate my website, including the new header that you see posted in all my links. The new site is now up and running with links to the blog here, the etsy store, and my email. You can find the website at And, of course, should you need to contact me to inquire about any of my work you can do that at

And, finally, you will also see that I have made a small face-lift to the blog here. Just a minor change really, but it is nice to keep everything to a similar appearance. It's kind of crazy, but, it makes me feel better that way. haha My work table may be a clutter, but everything else is nice and neat! :-D

At any rate, these were not the only things I was able to get accomplished in the past few days. I also managed to get some painting done on the 2 upcoming sculpts, the strolling fairy and our cute little Hobbles. I also managed to get the props made for Hobbles, and now they are waiting to be painted. I will be working on costuming today on atleast one of them I think. Unfortunately, with all of the hustle and bustle in the past few days, I do not have pictures to show of the progress I have done. But, I think you all understand with everything else that I have accomplished. Also, I know there are a few folk that have been waiting patiently on a new figure I have been working on while at the baseball fields in the past couple of weeks. Yes, you read that right, I do have another piece I have not shown any pictures as of yet. I'm terrible, I know; but, I must beg for your forgiveness. As you know already, it feels like I'm on the run all over the place when the baseball season kicks in. Any of you that have kids in sports, I think you understand the rushing around and the "never being home" feeling. Yep, yep, that is what it is like. So, I end up taking a lot with me, and working on things on the run while at the games. So, anyway, just so those few who have seen that particular piece in progress, I have not forgotten about it. I have not really had much of an opportunity to work on her lately with all the other things going on. I intend to get the other 2 finished up first before going back to her. So, please be patient, and stay tuned because I will be posting her here soon enough.

Also, "Noor" the evening fairy did not sell on ebay on her last listing. So, I decided to lower her price to a starting bid of $100.00 on ebay. Here is her link to her auction.

I am hoping she will sell so I can recoup on some of the expenses I have made for myself this past week, and I need to get some new business cards made up with the new website and such. So, it is a necessary evil that she sells.

On a final note here for the day, I want to say thank you to all who have encouraged me on the first leg of this journey. After carrying the previous name of lmpartdolls for 2 years, I was a little nervous to take the leap with the new name. But, today, I can tell you that I think I did the right thing. You know what they say, "sometimes change is good". I think they are right.

Anyway, before I can get started on anything, I have a few chores I must do today that HAVE to be done. So, I am off to the land of chores before I can romp in play in the knoll the rest of the day.

Have a good day!

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