Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making headway and this is post #50!

Imagine that! Post #50. Never thought I would see that happen. haha Especially since I am slow at keeping up with this. *sigh* But, hey, I finally made it. Before you know it, I'll have hit twice as many as that.

Anyway, aside from that, I've been busy working! And, indeed I am making headway! On what you say? Let's just say I've been doing a little strolling with trolls. :-D No, I have not recieved my wonderful DVD yet from Ineke, but, I was in the mood for a troll stroll anyway. Unfortunately, I have not uploaded my WIP pictures yet. I do have some though. So, that is a plus. Hopefully, tomorrow after I come home from work, I can find some time to get them up loaded.

This time it is a very ugly and scary troll. It's for my ODA inner demon contest. Since that project is due on the 30th, I had to put the other one aside and begin working on it. So far, I have the head and a good part of the torso completed. I also made a 2nd troll head while I was at it. I was having so much fun making the first one, I just could not resist making the 2nd one. The first one is scary, and will probably give your kids nightmares. But, the 2nd fella is kind of happy looking. So, he was just not suitable to become an inner demon. So, I will put that one aside until later.

After all, The Pixie Knoll does have trolls running amuck. I would imagine that some of these guys are very scary to come across, hiding in their deep, dark murky forest and lichen covered bridges. Then, I am certain, that there are those who are quite wonderful and only want to make friends and play along with all the pixies, faires, elves, dwarves and halflings. It takes all kinds of characters to make The Pixie Knoll come to life. Trolls are just a little part of the world in the Knoll.

Stay tuned for WIP pictures. Remember, enter at your own risk, because he is very mean and scary!

And, as a final after thought, my last Ebay auctions were not very lucky, so I stuck them back up again for another go. If you were following them last time and forgot to bid, you have another chance now. This time, I was not so daft, and I did get the auctions up on Sunday. So, that means they will be ending on this upcoming Sunday, somewhere about 8:00 EST. Good luck to those interested. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get some links up here. One of these days, I'll figure out how to actually make links work properly in blogland. :-D



  1. Hi Lori,
    Just spending the afternoon catching up with everyone's blogs and, I have to say, I've spent quite the while here today! Well, I can think of worse places to spend my time :)
    I see you've been quite the busy bee- I love that little woodsprite! And your town and the spot were you work sound so peaceful(well, apart from all those pesky trolls running around). An idylic little set up you have there.
    Anyway, good luck with the auction and competition and I look forward to seeing those WIPs.
    Bye for now!

  2. :) Thanks, Roisin. I'm glad you liked the wood sprite! I plan on working a small series of them. I hope the next one comes out just as good. As you can see, a troll escaped from inside the knoll. I hope you enjoy him too! Thanks for taking stepping into the knoll!