Saturday, May 29, 2010

My inner demon: The Unveiling: Lots of Pictures!

I know it has take forever for me to finish this. And, I also know that on my last post I had promised to post up WIP pictures. But, after I had posted I got to thinking that since this was for a contest, it might be best to hold on to my WIP pictures until the deadline. Not that I don't trust my fellow artist, it was really more for the element of surprise! So, I have waited to the last minute. I had thought. hahahaa That contest deadline was extend for one more week, right after I made my contest post on ODA. hahahaaa Murphy and his law...I wish he would take a day off. *sigh*

Anyway, the time has finally come to show the fruits of my labors. This has been a month long project for me. After many trials and tribulations, and painful hours of things going wrong that needed mending, not only with the project but my heart as well. It is time to try and excise the demon that lives within. Since there are no trolls living in the knoll currently, I chose to make my demon in the form of a troll. I think he fit the genre quite well, but I'll let you folks in bloglandia decide for yourself.

I have not named this piece just yet. I will have to think about it for a few days longer. The only thing I will tell about the piece and how it concerns my inner demon is that it is symbolic and it has to do with certain freedoms and wanting to fly free like a fairy should. The teeth represent the painful gnawing away at my heart and soul, the bludgeon is there to beat me whenever I should try to escape the bonds, the rocks are the weight that sits on my heart and soul keeping it from taking flight, the troll itself breathes down my neck, as a constant reminder of the bonds I can not break free from. But, through all this, there is hope. This is why the fairy wears bright colors; to remind her that there is hope in the dark world and that she will break free from the grasp of the troll some day.

Now, for all the pictures! I will start with WIP pictures, then I will show you the final piece! I do hope you all like him!


I can't wait to hear what ya think of my first troll! I have worked so long and hard on him; I do hope you all like him! Again, I am sorry you had to wait so long for the pictures, but I do hope you understand it was for the purpose of the contest. :-) Now, that the has been completed, I can go back to the hide and seek piece I was working on. But, before I do, time for a much needed break from sculpting! Thank you all for your patience!

Take care all, and have a great weekend!



  1. I love him! Creepy, but in a really good way. Kinda what I like in men. If he had hair I'd want to scruff it, but then he'd get annoyed at me if I did. What a little character!

  2. p.s The best of luck in the competition, though I don't think you need such a thing when you have such talent :)

  3. Wow, i love him.
    What a character.
    And those feet and legs, great.
    His body is beautifully made.
    Very good job.

    Hug Ineke

  4. Haha, Roisin! Thank you so much. I'm not sure I'd want to scruff his hair either if he had it. haha He is quite the character though, isn't he. :-) I had a lot of fun creating him, and will definitely be adding more in the future. When I was making his head, I made a 2nd head too for the next troll. The 2nd is not as scary as this one. So, I already have a plan for him. hehe Stay tuned my friend! Thank you for stopping by.


  5. Ineke! So nice of you to stop by and tell me what you think of my ugly troll. hehe Thank you for the wonderful compliments on him. Coming from the master of troll making...that makes me beam with happiness! :-) I'm glad you like him. I had so much fun creating this fella, and I just let my imagination run wild and just "went with it". I'm looking forward to creating a troll in the Trolineke style soon! I have one more project to clear off my desk and then I just might be pulling out the paper clay! You know how much I love your little inspirational to me. <3


  6. Lori my friend, this is one outstanding sculpt. I love it. Your talent is growing by leaps and bounds. One would think that you have been scuplting trolls for a very long time. I loved your diffenition of the piece.
    Very good work Lori. Keep it up.

    Your friend

  7. Darel! What a nice surprise you stopping by! Thank you for the great compliment. I am so humbled. :-D Glad you like my ugly, mean and nasty troll. He is the devil I tell ya! :-D I have another troll in the works...well, just the head. But, I can tell you, the next one is a more gentle soul than the first. After all, not all trolls are mean and nasty. Some are quite lovable. :-D I'm just gonna take a little break before I get back to work on the unfinished pixies at play piece. Then, perhaps I can start on the next troll. I also have a commission to do sometime between now and Christmas. It's a very special piece, an angel, for a new grand baby for a wonderful lady I know. I am hoping to be able to squeeze in a couple of Santas at some point in time this year. haha I can't forget the main man! Anyway, thanks for popping into my neck of the woods, and I hope all is good!

    Take care of you and Peggy!

  8. I am still blown away with the details in this sculpt its an amazing piece of work.

  9. Sharon, how can I ever thank you for this compliment! I figured I must have missed the mark for the contest. haha But, you have bolstered my spirits over this fella once again! I'm considering doing a few more trolls because ya know....not everything in the world is beautiful and cute. :-) Hopefully in the near future, I can add some more trolls to the knoll. ;-) Thank you for stopping by!