Sunday, October 31, 2010

Taking Flight on Halloween Night!

Yes! I did it! *jumps in the air for joy* I managed to get her finished in time to take flight on Halloween Night! Imagine my excitement of being able to have her completed in time for Halloween to display on my mantle that is currently covered with cobwebs! And, too, for the IADR contest deadline: TODAY! Let me tell you the sigh of relief it is to have this one finished.

After all the ups and downs of not having her completed in time for last weekends show event, I was starting to become discouraged over the entire project. Sculpting her was not the problem. Once I had decided on my plan of attack on how I was going to go about the display and what I wanted, that part was easy. She was a breeze in coming together as well. I did have a slight issue with her hat brim due to the fact that I didn't have her proped up correctly in the oven when baking. So, her hat went flat on one side and I had to slice, dice and recreate. No big deal in my opinion.

But, that base.......OH THAT BASE! What started out as a simple to do and cute idea, turned out to be a HUGE nightmare in itself. To begin with, I knew exactly what I wanted; a nice full moon so she could fly by, and a cute pedestal to raise the moon up. Easy enough one would think. Alas, that was not to be. I found myself at the store buying my supplies to create the base...rush home, put it all together, and drilled a hole into my box so I could insert the moon's stem into it. Well, turns out, my cute little box was HOLLOW!!! OMG I thought I was gonna collapse from stress and frustration. When I inserted the moon into wobbled too and fro. I can not tell you the emotions I was experiencing at that time. To catch a few up on the story, as you know, I was tryng to complete her in time for the festival event last weekend, so you can see, time was running short for last minute projects. At any rate, I had no time to make another 2 hour trip (there and back again) to find another piece of wood. So I opted to try to save the piece I currently had. In a mad dash of running amuck around the house looking for a solution to the problem, I spied a can of mushrooms! Not literally, but it is a carpenters item that you can use to seal up holes in a wall...I call it foam in a can. haha So..... I grab the can of mushrooms and insert the nozzle into my hollow block. The idea was after it hardened up, it would prevent the moon's stem from wobbling to and fro inside the hollow block. Well, that was fine and dandy as long as your hubby isn't standing guard of the hollow block of wood wiping off the mushrooms as the seap out of the whole on top. Needless to day...I think he let out all of the foam. HAHAHA Ever hear that saying...." too many chefs ruin the pot of stew". I think there is some truth to that. At any rate, plan B failed miserably, so, to save my sanity, I had to push the project aside until I can get my wits about me.

So, after the show weekend, I went back to the store, once again purchasing supplies to fix my base. I came home and begin to assemble the project base and a funny feeling came over me. I just HAD to take another look at the "failed" attempt. Well, I'll be dog gone....wouldn't you know it, the foam in a can really was a great idea. In fact, I plopped the bottom flat base off of my hollow block, then proceeded to drill a hole through the block, then drilled a hole into my flat base, then inserted a brass tubing through the middle and fixed it with my handy dandy GORILLA glue and wouldn't you know it....IT WORKED! Again, I was at the OMG, OMG, OMG stage. haha

Well, after all that, I finally was able to finish the project; and not with a minute to spare! Especially since today is Halloween and the IADR contest deadline was today too. Good timing. I love it when a project all comes together in the long run. Persistance really does pay off. I'm pleased with the final outcome and I hope you are too.

And, just so you all know, the moon and stars should have a nice glow when you cut off the lights. I haven't tested it completely for myself, but the idea was that she would appear as a silhouette as she flies past the glowing moon at night. :-D Anyway, I hope you like her: I call it "Matilda's Flight"!

"Matilda's Flight"
Matilda's Flight6
Matilda's Flight1
Matilda's Flight2
Matilda's Flight3
Matilda's Flight4
Matilda's Flight5


  1. OK Girl, I just happened to be here right after you posted matilda's flight. I hate so much to sound repetetive, but again I think this may be the best yet. The over all piece. The props, the concept, the color choices and I love her little face. I think you were rewarded for all of your effort. Good job.


  2. hi ,i loved your very cut.big hugs.

  3. She is so beautiful.
    The clothes and boots, super.
    Hug Ineke

  4. Darel, I'm so late to getting to this, but I wanted to say thank you! You always cheer me up. :-)

  5. Duendes, thank you VERY much! Big hugs back at ya! <3

  6. Ineke, Thank you sweet friend. :-) Perhaps next year, I'll make one a little uglier. haha Thank you for your wonderful compliments. :-)

    Hugs, Lori