Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cats out of the bag!

Just a short post today to pat myself on the back! Drum roll please.....

I found out the other day that my "Woodland Troubadours" won the IADR contest for the "Art from the Soul" theme for February in the advanced category! How exciting is that! I knew going into the contest that I was up against some very stiff competition and that it would be a rat race to the end. I had no idea I would finish 1st, maybe a quick 2nd, but not 1st! I've been grinning ear to ear ever since I got the news.

I guess that it was a good thing I decided to listen to what the dolls wanted to be instead of forcing them to do what I had thought they should become. I feel that I had made a wise choice when changing my plans mid-stream like I did. Sometimes, you just have to follow your gut and this time it paid off.

Now, since I won this contest, I am not eligible to win another IADR contest for this year. I can still participate in the contest themes if I want to, but it is not necessary. I did have a really great idea for the Nursery Rhymes theme for the end of this month. But, I'm not sure I want to tackle it just yet. I might just keep that one tucked in the back of my head for a later date. Decisions, decisions, decisions. We'll see what happens. Could be, I decide to work on something completely another pixie from the knoll!


  1. Congratulations, Lori!! Well deserved...and what a great example of allowing your imagination to take flight!
    love, Rose

  2. Thank you, Rose, as I am truly honored to have won the contest. Thank you with all my heart for such a wonderful compliment on my troubadours. <3 xoxo

    love and hugs to you,

  3. Congatulations! All that hard work did pay off.
    You deserve it Lori that is a great piece.

    I have found that I have to go with the clay because it SURE ISN'T GOING TO GO WHERE I WANT IT TO GO.

    Oh well, again, congratulations.


  4. Darel, thank you! Yes, you definitely have to do what the clay wants ya to do. haha