Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot off the Press!

Even though today has been a wonderful, rainy day, I thought I would splash a little bit of sunshine here to move things in an onward direction. (Especially since my last post was a bit dramatic due to the events of that week.)

Recently, I was chosen to be the spotlight artist for the month of April at the International Art Doll Registry. I am very honored to have been chosen for this very special interview and receive such recognition among my dollmaking friends. For those that are interested in the article, you can read the interview at: www.international-art-doll-registry.com/

Other than the interview, I have been trying to complete my nursery rhyme figure, "Jack Be Nimble". Unfortunately, I was not able to complete him in time for the March 31 deadline with the IADR. I have been plagued with awful headaches these past few weeks and so, that put my production way behind. It's amazing how bad a headache can make you feel! At any rate, its no wonder I have them with all the pollen that has been floating around in my part of the world. Living in Florida during the spring months really is not a good option if you have allergies. Aside from that, I decided to go and have my eyes rechecked because I had a feeling they were somewhat to blame for the frequent headaches. As luck would have it, my eyes are indeed partly to blame! Must be a sign of getting older. hahahaaha Anyway, hopefully soon, I'll have this part of the problem taken care of soon. Apparently, I have to go back for a refractory test and something else before they can prepare some much needed eye glasses. In the meantime, if I'm out driving, you don't want to be near me. hahahaha!

So, speaking of good ole' Jack Be Nimble. He is actually near completion. I am now working on the costuming and some final painting touches, so hopefully, he will be completed by the end of this week. I really can't wait for you all to see him. I'm considering creating some more nursery rhyme/fairy tale type characters down the road once I get a couple more projects under my belt this year. The thought came to me that perhaps I can use these well-known characters to create my own book of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Well see how it goes, after all, it's just a thought.

And, finally, a little update on the little Sprite. So far, she is doing great and you would never know she had such a problem as her poor little heart does. I hope she continues on like that for a very long time to come. Although, I admit, she is definitely a little monster with the millions of sharp teeth in her mouth! Talk about a pin pricks. ouch!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the article at IADR and hopefully soon I'll have some pictures of "Jack Be Nimble" for you soon.

Take care,

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