Monday, January 30, 2012

After a long blog absence

It has been quite some time since I last wrote on here, but it was not entirely my plan to have that happen. I am sure a lot of you were wondering what happened to my blog. To be honest, I was wondering the same thing.

You see, about 6-7 months ago, when google updated everything with the pretense of linking all of a customer's accounts together in a single handy dandy place so that it would be easier to manage, some how, mine became messed up and I could not access it. I'm still not entirely sure what happened, and, I'm not sure how I managed to regain my access either, but here I am after a long hiatus to pick up where I left off at.

With that said, I can tell you that I have still been actively working at creating my artdolls. For some of you, perhaps you have followed along on my website There, I made a page "adventures in the knoll" that I tried to keep my followers up to date on what was going on. I will still keep that page going since I have become accustomed to keeping it updated. So, do not worry about that. :-)

Which brings us to the now. The most recent news is the completion of IDEX Orlando this weekend. I displayed my work once again with the IADR ... International Art Doll Registry. The show was a great success with some of our ladies having sold some of their wonderful dolls. Once again, I was the mail depot person for the show, and I am now in the process of mailing out all the packages. I also did take a lot of pictures of the show and will try to get a slide show up so all the world can see what and who was at the show. But, bare with me as that might take a bit as there are a TON of pictures to put up. And, since it has been forever since I did that, I am going to have to try and remember how in the world I used to do that! haha

At any rate, I wanted to drop in here and say hello to all those wonderful people who may still be around in bloglandia waiting for a post. And, perhaps, there might be a new face or two that might happen a long who may be interested enough to see what in the world the Pixie Knoll is all about.