Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 Colliii Awards Announcement today......

Today was the big day that we all have been waiting patiently to come along.  That big day where Colliii Awards out of Germany announced the winners in their annual competition.  The competition was stiff and there were MANY fabulous entries, and many yet, whom I felt also deserved nominations that were overlooked this year.  Those that won, are true winners, deserving of their awards.   It is always bitter sweet the competition among friends.  It can be tough to compete against your peers as there are SOOOOOO many talented doll artist out there in the world!   But in truth, I would rather lose to my friends who I consider equals and in many cases better than I am in my craft.  They are deserving winners and I am pleased that my friends have won awards in the Colliii competition.  It is indeed a very prestigious, world-wide competition and I am happy for their accomplishments.   My friends who know me, know that I speak from my heart when I say that I am truly, very happy for their achievement.  They know that I am VERY proud of each and every one of them.  xoxo  

But, again, I say it is bitter sweet.  I do not intend to come across as a sore loser nor am I trying to be childish in any way.  I am sure that it will probably appear that way.  As it is, perhaps today, I have marked myself as a Black Sheep within the Colliii doll community.  The albatross.  Only time will tell where the matter is concerned.  But sometimes, you have to speak up for yourself and for all of the other doll artist who follow the rules in competition.  Sometimes a single person has to speak up where others will walk away carrying only the thoughts of "wanting" to speak their minds and are afraid to do so for fear of the wrath that may fall upon them.  

Now, don't get me wrong here, I do not believe it was the fault of the entrant into the competition because dealing with so many different languages and peoples from around the world, it is easy for the wording in the "rules of the competition" to be confusing; especially when so many languages are involved.  Albeit, I have to assume that the rules are posted in each possible language though, so truly, there should be minimal confusion where the rules are concerned.  Also, if something is allowed in one portion of the competition, then perhaps it should be allowed in the other portion of the competition.  Regardless of this fact, the rules were still the rules, written in black and white for all the world to see. 

For those in question, here are the rules as posted on the Colliii site for the OOAK or one of a kind entries:

at 1.) One of a kind (OOAK)
This award is for all dolls that have been hand modelled and either oven or air hardened and are in the following sub catergories.
  1. Newborn: a realistic reproduction of a new born baby up to 1 month.
  2. Baby: a realistic reproduction of a baby age 1-3 months.
  3. Toddler: a realistic reproduction of a baby age 3-24 months.
  4. Human: a realistic reproduction of a human, inc children. The sculpts have to be 70cm and larger. 
  5. Fantasy figure: a reproduction of a fantasy figure (incl elf, fairy and mythical figures. These figures have to resemble human like beings and not animals or inanimate objects)
  6. Mini Babys: a realistic reproduction of a new born baby, reproduced with a maximum size of 35cm.
  7. Mini Humans: a realistic reproduction of a human with a maximum size of 60cm.
  8. Mini-Fantasy figure: a reproduction of a fantasy figure (incl elf, fairy and mythical figures These figures have to resemble human like beings) with a maximum size of 35cm.
The portion that is in question in particular is item #5.  It clearly states that "These figures have to resemble human like beings and not animals or inanimate objects".   The problem with this rule is the winner in this particular category was a "puppy dog".  Granted, it is being held in the palm of a "human" hand, BUT that human hand is a "real person's hand" used in aiding the display of the figure and NOT part of the sculpture!  The "dog" was the figure that won that portion of the competition.   This is what has me and some other doll artist who also entered the competition a little perturbed.  Now, with that being said, again, I do not believe it was the fault of the artist who created this wonderful and cute creation of a puppy.  However, I do believe it is the fault of the Colliii staff to have permitted this as an entry into the category from the VERY beginning of the competition.  The Colliii staff is well aware of  their own rule system and should NEVER have allowed this entry into that category of the competition to begin with.  Realizing that this artist also received a double nomination for their work, both pieces I might add were "puppy dogs" and most likely entered into the same category, is a wonderful accomplishment for this artist. I do not wish to take that from them at all.  They earned their nominations rightly through the public voting.  But in truthfulness and in fairness by the rules, it should not have even had the opportunity to have even received the nominations.  To deepen the blow further, this figure has now won in this particular category and this has me a little dumb-founded based on what the rules clearly state for the category in question.  

Now, I will also take into consideration that there was a recent and sudden death within the Colliii staff.  And for those individuals that are dealing with a loss I am truly very sorry as I know what is to lose a loved one suddenly as my oldest son committed suicide a few years ago.  It is devastating, heart-wrenching, and knocks the wind out of your sails and floor from under your feet.  To those individuals, my heart hurts for them, and I am sorry.  I do pray for their comfort in dealing with their loss.  Whether the loss within the Colliii family deterred their focus of the rules, I do not know.  Again, I am sorry for the loss they are currently dealing with at Colliii. 

Granted we all work hard creating the things we love.  And for the artist who did win in this category of the competition, Congratulations to you.  By no means do I wish to rain on your parade.  But, leave it to me to be the old fuddy duddy and stickler for the rules and all that is in fairness, I can not sit here and not speak my mind.  For too long, I was one of those people who walked away carrying the thoughts in my mind, wishing I had enough guts to speak out and say what others should be voicing as well.  The rules are the rules.  That is all that there is to it.  I followed the rules like all of the other OOAK doll artist.  I was judged by my peers and governed by the judges rule.  So, why is it that the rules were not followed the staff at Colliii?   I would love to have an explanation from them, but I doubt it will ever happen. 

Perhaps, Colliii should consider creating a NEW category for animals.  A category that ONLY contains animals and nothing but animals.  This way there is no confusion of the rules, no matter WHAT language is spoken.   This is merely a suggestion that a good friend of mine brought up just this morning after seeing the results at Colliii.  I happen to think it is a marvelous idea that the staff at Colliii should consider in their future competitions.

I also realize you can't win every competition out there, nor can you win every single battle, whether it is a righteous one or not, regardless of the rules, sometimes we lose and the good guy doesn't always come first.  Regardless of what the outcome may be in this situation,  I do not know, but I do know what fairness is.  Whether my pieces would have won or not, that is not the question or the argument here as there were MANY wonderful entries that were just as deserving of this fine award by artist who did FOLLOW the rules as stated by Colliii.   I simply wish that Colliii would recognize their error and correct it accordingly for all of those artist who did participate in their competition.  At the very least give an explanation or apology to all parties affected. 

I apologize for this long rant and raving about the results from the Colliii Awards competition. Sometimes things need to be said, even if they are not comfortable speaking, hearing, or reading for that matter.  It was something I felt I had to say, and I did it. 

However, I am thankful AND grateful for my double nomination for my pieces that I entered into the competition, "Father Yule" and "Cricket".   Without all of you out there who took the time to vote,  I would not have received my nominations.  I thank you for your support in my artistic endeavor. You are all truly wonderful. 

Again, here are my three entries into the competition.  I thank everyone who voted for my pieces. Without you, it is not possible.  Thank you!  

In order of appearance:
                                                                      "Carrot Top"


"Father Yule"


  1. that's what happens when you enter competitions the rules get blurred and people who shouldn't win do win but not because they deserve it.


  2. So very true, Marisa. It is just so disheartening when there were SO many entries that were deserving of that win. It's like a slap in the face to EVERY artist who entered into that category.

    At this point, what can you do really? Do you take away the nominations and win from the artist in question? Or, do they create a new category that is more befitting the work and they win by technicality? It's a tough situation. And, if Colliii should decide to just "ignore" the questions, where will they be next year? I'm sure the show will go on, as initially it was meant to be a "baby" show primarily, then later they seen it was advantageous to open it's doors to OOAK artist who created other doll work aside from babies. If they lose the other doll artist in these OOAK categories, I'm sure they will feel it is not much of a loss for them and they were doing us a favor by opening their competition to us. If that is the case, then the artist will lose one of their places of competition for world-wide recognition. There is really no win-win in a situation such as this. The artist lose and Colliii loses as well.

    Thank you, kindly, Marisa for sharing your viewpoints. It is much appreciated. <3 I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Many hugs back to you,