Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some progress is better than no progress....

That is to say, that today, I finally was able to snag some free-time and take care of the business side of The Pixie Knoll.  Of course, that meant, all work and no play for the pixies in question!  In other words, I spent nearly my entire day updating and loading up items into my Etsy store!  I'm still not completed with listing all my items; I have the Santa ornaments and a few more dolls to go, but, suffice to say that there are plenty of items to gander at in the store now, enough to keep one entertained for a little while anyway.  :-)   Here is a link to the Etsy store 

Speaking of progress, I'm getting closer to having nearly everything in its place in my new home and the studio is nearly in a workable condition with the exception of a big pile of debris in the middle of the floor that I still need to take care of.   Not to mention the few more boxes to unload of "stuff" that contributes to the mess in the studio.  And, of course, after you dump everything out of said boxes, you have yet another pile of debris that needs to find a temporary home.  I say temporary because as you all know, when it comes to sorting things out, you will probably change your mind on the destination of said item a few times until you find the right workable spot for each item! 

At any rate, I'm seriously craving some artistic work time and if I don't fill this need soon, I feel like I'm gonna burst at the seams!  Aside from the few commissions I need to complete, I still have laying on my work bench all those life-less paper clay dolls that keep screaming for some color and personality to bring them to life!  Suffice to say, I will be EXTREMELY busy over the next few weeks trying to get caught up on everything.  No rest for the wicked I suppose.  :-D 

On a side note, for you local folks in my area, I will once again be displaying my art dolls in an Artist's Garden Party on Black Friday.  I am still not sure if it is for the entire weekend, but it is definitely taking place for the Black Friday.  Once I know if it is for the entire weekend, I'll be sure to post an update for all to see.  But, I will say this, the early bird catches the worm!  So keep that in mind.  The location, date, time of the Artist Garden Party is:

November 29, 20139 a.m. til about 4 p.m.   
32850 Lakeshore Dr. Tavares, FL (On Lake Dora) 
So, if you are in the area, and still looking for something artistically unique for that special someone, please stop by and take a look.  Perhaps you might find the perfect gift!

Anyway, I think it is time to go and rest these weary bones for the evening.  Perhaps I'll have some pictures to show you VERY soon! 

As always, thanks for following me here at The Pixie Knoll!  


  1. Busy...busy..busy!! The shop looks great and I'm so happy that you are getting settled in. As fas as the mess and not getting to playing...just work around it for at least a day....we need our therapy!!!!


  2. Awe, thanks, Regi! You are so right! We artistic types do need that creative time. :-) I am hoping to push the pile of debris aside tomorrow and actually get some painting done on those paper dolls that are cluttering up my work bench. Starting to feel a little stuffy with all the clutter! LOL I have a feeling that once I get started, I'll make some good head way. That will make me feel VERY happy!

    Big hugs back to ya friend!