Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Slow recovery

Have you ever noticed how everything seems to catch up to you all at once?  I would swear the second hand on the clock slipped away to no mans land in this past month and a half and left me stranded without a moments notice not knowing where all the time went too! 

Even though I had felt as if I had run out of time, I still managed to get quite a bit accomplished.  First, with the move to our new home....I nearly managed to get everything unpacked and in its proper place.  That is, with the exception of the studio.  I will admit that it is in somewhat of a "working" order, but there are still many things to be organized and put away before I am completely satisfied. 

Of course, too,  speaking of the house, there was that little matter of decorating for the holidays too!   Somehow I have managed to cook 1.5 Thanksgiving meals and have 3 Thanksgiving dinners as a result of all the cooking and family visits! Then, with the advent of Christmas, there was the real tree to be found at the Christmas tree farm and all of the lights to be hung outside!  Without a moment to spare, I managed to get the 7.5 foot tree decorated just in time.  In the meantime my poor hubby thought I was the Grinch, cracking the whip over the lights to be hung on the house, but truthfully, I think we were the last in the neighborhood to get ours up!  But in truth, we had a neighborhood Christmas party to attend so we wanted to be done by then.  Sadly, we didn't put up as many lights as we normally do, but it will have to suffice given the circumstances. 

At any rate, almost forgot to mention, we also had company come from Detroit.  It was my husband's great uncle whom I have never met; he stayed at my in-laws place.  We drove the hour two times yo visit with family....once to a small dance and the other night for a nice family dinner.  I have to say, Uncle Wally is a delightful man and I am glad to have had the opportunity to have met him on his rare vusit to Florida! 

So anyway, with the house put away and decorated almost to the hilt for Christmas, I still managed ti finish up 4 of the paper clay dolls...except for their wings, and another 8 are ready for clothing, hsir and wings too!   I will take pictures of the finished ones soon.  I also managed to finish up both Santa commissions as well and am very happy to say thst the new I owners were VERY pleased with them.  I also have pictures of them to share but unfortunately they are on my pc and not my tablet.   Maybe in a few days I will post them up along with some of the paper clay dolls.

Now with all that completed, I still found the time to make my Artist Garden Party Black Friday appearance too.  I met many wonderful people, had a lot of fun and enjoyed the view of Lake Dora and the fresh air,  but did not make any money.  So back to being a starving artist. Haha.

Now, through the course of ALL if this going on, I was scheduled for surgery too!  So I spent the last month running to and from Dr.s offices and surgical prep.  Yesterday, as many of you know already, I went in for a hysterectomy.  The surgery went well and I am already back at home nestled up on the couch enjoying my pain pills and the twikling lights on my Christmas tree!  Oh and the lights outside the window too, can't forget those! 

All in all, its been an extremely busy month to say the least.  I wanted to thank all of you for you patience, support, kindness and love while I have been dealing with many life changes recently, not only for me but my family as well.  With luck, this new year will be more relaxed and see many more creations completed by me.  In the meantime, I am gonna take one day at a time to heal up from the surgery!  Maybe I will find some spare energy to get a few pictures taken and list the new items up on Etsy.  But please, bare with me if you don't see them there right away.

Anyway, as always, thanks for following along here at The Pixie Knoll! 

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