Sunday, December 29, 2013

Starting the New Year right!!

To be honest, I really hate setting a New Year's Resolution because just as you might imagine, it is usually some very lofty and unobtainable goal in which I never seem to accomplish and probably never will in my life-time.  So, rather than set myself up for defeat, I have decided that in this new year that is quickly approaching, I will simply try to do better!  That's it....simply do "better".   

I will strive to do better at keeping up with my blogging...including more WIPS!  I will hopefully do better at creating more dolls, each even "better" than the previous doll.  I would like to do better at making my work more available to all of you out there in the world, either through Ebay, Etsy or my website.   Heck, I will even try to do better at participating in more shows!  There are so many different things I can try to do "better" at, that the list is endless really.  Like, trying to be better at keeping my studio space cleaner and less cluttered!  haha  I think this is on every artist's list no matter what medium you might work in!  In fact, I have already been working at that one.  I consider that as my "before the new year resolution".  My goal is to have my studio completely organized, clean and ready to go before the new year arrives!  And can you believe that I have almost accomplished this goal!!!  Now, if I can keep it this way, that would be a great accomplishment!

At any rate, I figured, if I can be just a little bit "better" in everything that I do that pertains to my doll work than I did this past year of 2013, then, I will have accomplished quite a bit!  Being "better" is almost like taking baby steps.  I might not get there all at once, but I'll be well on my way to accomplishing great things!

As good as being "better" is for a resolution.... after more contemplation it occurred to me that I thought of something more I would like to add to my New Year's Resolution.  It's simple, and some of you might even be shocked, but it is to have "faith in myself and in my abilities".  To many of you out there, I probably seem like I do not lack confidence in any way, but deep down in side, there is still this young girl who is very unsure of some of the creative choices she makes (or I make rather).  I would like to find that little kindergarten girl who used to live inside of me!  She had no fears whatsoever!  She never doubted herself...she just did what she felt was right.  I want to be that person all over again.  To not only be imaginative but to have fun while I am doing it! 

Anyway, since the New Year IS right around the corner, I decided why delay on making good of my resolution!  We'll just start it out right!  So, tonight I re-listed one of the paper clay dolls on Ebay.  What the heck! A new year, beginning with a new moon, and a new attitude so why not?  

Stop by and wish her luck, cheer her on, and bid and take her home this week!  Add a new OOAK paper clay doll to your collection from The Pixie Knoll! 

Available this week is "Lorna"

"Lorna" on Ebay this week December 29 to January 5, 2014!


  1. I like that....."better". Something we all should strive to do ourselves. I only have one thing on my list and that's to walk on the beach more. I need it...I want soothes my soul. I think we can both do what goals we have set and I must add that I'm putting "better" on my list too.


  2. Oh, Regi! Walking the beach more is a fabulous resolution! And you are so right, my friend. It really is great for the soul. Any time you can be out and be a part of nature, does wonders for the spirit, mind, body, and our souls! I too am a kindred spirit of nature and find myself "soothing my soul" outside near the water. In fact, when we bought our house, one of the reasons we chose it was because it sits on a nice little canal that leads into one of the biggest lakes in our area! I love to sit by the water and just soak up whatever nature offers me. But you know, I realized, I had left something off of my list for my new year. "Better" is good, but I also need to learn to have "faith" in myself and my abilities! I need to edit my post and add it to the list I think. LOL

    So glad you stopped by sweet, friend and a very Happy New Year to you and all of your family!

    Hugs to you,