Saturday, January 4, 2014

Finally, we have made it!

Out with the old and into the New Year 2014!  And, as promised, I am here to update my world at The Pixie Knoll. 

I trust everyone had a very safe New Year's event loaded with lot's of fun with good times and great memories with wonderful friends.  As for myself, my hubby and I decided to be a little low key this year since I am still mending from the hysterectomy of last month and to top it off I managed to get a massive kidney infection, all of which did not lend much to having a lot of fun doing crazy things like leaping over bonfires and such.  However, I did enjoy the peace and quiet of my new surroundings and the small fire works display created by my new neighbors on the other side of the canal behind my house.  As I was enjoying my surroundings, the song by Louis Armstrong come to mind    It's one of my favorite songs of all time.  I thought, what a wonderful song to start the New Year off with because, after all, it is a wonderful world in which we live. 

Other than the arrival of the New Year, I did manage to get my studio completed...for the most part.  There are still a few things that I might re-arrange later down the road, but for the time being, it is in working order and organized, and THAT is all that matters.  Some of you have already seen the pictures of my new studio space posted up on Face Book, however, for those that do not follow me along there, I thought I would include those pictures here for you to look at.  In all, I love my new space.  It has ample lighting, plenty of storage areas and a lot of room to move around in.  I think you will agree once you see the pictures.  Also, you will find on my work bench, some up and coming projects that I will be finishing soon.  There are 4 more paper clay dolls that are bald and beautiful now, but they will soon be completed with hair and trimmings.  Also, sitting behind them in plastic bags, you might see parts of more paper clay dolls that have been in the works for some time waiting to be finished up as well.  Anyway, let me know what you think of my work space.  I would love to hear your feedback! 

The Work Bench! For those who want to know, I got the work bench at
Harbor Freights at a VERY reasonable price and it's fantastic!
Storage space with rolling cart underneath.

The Sewing Table with nice shelving above.
 Rolling storage cart and the doors to the studio.
My collection of art books and more storage space. Also a sketch box easel in
the corner near the door, ready to go on a moments notice!

My storage closet and my large floor easel leaning against the wall.

Storage closet with the door closed to hide all the art paper supply and stuff.

What is currently on the work bench!

4 paper clay dolls ready for wigging and trims.  You can barely see a plastic bag
sitting behind them with more paper clay dolls that are in the works too!
Ribbons I have won in the past for my paintings and illustrations from various
art show competitions in my area. 

Additional storage I confiscated in the family room just outside of
my studio!  All organized so that I can find things easily.  :-)
That concludes the tour of the studio at The Pixie Knoll.  I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my new work area.  Hopefully, there will be lots of creating going on in here very soon.  As for now, it's time to take down all the Christmas decorations and get the rest of the house looking like the normal every day living space so that I can get on with creating in the new studio! 
In the meantime, don't forget I still have "Lorna" up for Ebay auction.  She has just over a day left....her auction ends on Sunday night roughly about 7:30 p.m. EST.   So, if you were considering on bidding on that paper clay cutie, now is the time to do it before it's too late!  Here is her link to make it easy for ya!
As always, thanks for following along here at The Pixie Knoll!


  1. Ooh this all looks wonderful. So organised unlike me :/ lots of fab work gonna be done this year then? Lucky lady. Big hugs Lori x x

  2. Thanks so much, Wendy! I'm glad some one other than myself approves of my tidiness. LOL Trust me though, I am certain it will not last too long. Once you get started on a project, all that organization is tossed out the window. :-P Besides, having just moved into the new house helped for me to be able to organize the space. That was a bonus! I am not always this organized...I will admit. lol But, yes, I am hoping for a lot of fab work to come out of here this year. I have a TON of ideas that are just itching to begin. This year, I will also incorporate in some of the projects both paper and polymer clays. Some of the prop ideas will require something more light weight because of their size. So, in essence, I'm trying to think smarter in the design approach. We'll have to see how that helps me in my creative efforts. LOL

    Big hugs to you too, Wendy! <3 and Happy New Year too!

  3. A fantastic space! I do intend on turning my loft mess into a more organized space, you have some inspiration pictures just in time!

  4. Jane, I am so glad I can offer up some inspirational pictures to help you along in organizing your creative space! I can't wait to see what you do in with your "loft mess". I do hope you share pictures once it is complete. Whatever you manage, I am certain it will be absolutely wonderful and completely you! In the meantime, I am glad that you like my studio. I can only hope that I can keep it just as clean and organized in the future as it is in these pictures. haha

    Have a fantastic day and thanks for stopping by! :-)