Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nearing completion... (picture heavy post here!)

My, oh my, how time flies by when you are tucked away in the studio trying to battle the muses of creativity.  I have been so busy in the studio working on the latest project and with my personal life in the past few weeks that I had not realized I did not make an updated post here!  Please forgive my tardiness!  As some would say, sometimes, no news is good news.  Ha ha!  But, I will admit, aside from a few personal things, I have been working arduously on this massive project of mine (and a few things for future projects that I will show you at a later time).

Anyway, for those of you who follow me along on Face Book, you will have already seen most of these images from the project I am working on.  Again, my apologies to you for the repetitiveness, but I am sure there are some who do not visit the social media giant, and so, this post will probably serve them better.  Oh, don't get me wrong, as I'm sure there might be something useful here for my Face Book buddies, but, *sigh* I am not sure what it might be though.  LOL 

At any rate, no more idle banter!  Let's get down to the nitty gritty shall we?  I have done a lot of work on the project and there is still a lot more to finish.  I had hoped I would have had it finished by now, but I have had a lot of things going on in this past week that just did not permit me to accomplish that goal.  Furthermore, as you all know, I was trying to get this piece finished up in time to submit to the DABIDA competition out of the Netherlands....that didn't happen either.  As it turns out, the items I was waiting for to come in the mail, finally did arrive....just not in a timely fashion as I had hoped.  Apparently, the massive arctic freeze in the Northwest have paralyzed the delivery system.  LOL  Though, I can not place the blame entirely on that factor.   Since this project is a mixed-media project in the sense that I am using both polymer clay and paper clay to achieve my goal, the drying time of the paper clay also set me back for a bit of time.  And, too, the making of pesky little flowers.  Those were really not that hard to be honest...but, for some reason, painting them became an atrocious task! Then, of course, the highlight of the project, which I will still not divulge to you just yet, once it finally arrived in the mail, probably took me a few days just to accomplish the task to my liking.  So, in all, there have been a lot of factors that have caused this project to be behind schedule.  But, I believe the final outcome will make all of the above things seem very, very small once it is finally completed.   So, here we are, down to the picture gallery of where we are on the project at this time.   I hope you enjoy the tour so far!

Front view of the finished sculpted tree form with paper clay.

Side view of the finished tree form.

View with the baby included.

All of the paper clay mushrooms and flowers that are at the drying stage.

A close-up view of a paper clay flower.

The first version of painted flowers.  I wasn't very happy with the outcome at this point! So, time for a do-over.  haha

Finally, a happy place!  Painted mushrooms and flowers.  I am LOVING my mushrooms and how they have turned out at this point. 

Close-up of a flower out in the day light.

Another close-up of a flower.  Here you can see how nice and fuzzy the inner part of the flower is.  Nice touch, huh?  :-D

On to painting the tree form.  This is during the first layer of "wash" painting technique.  I like to use my acrylics much like a water color painting technique and work in washes to build up the colors.  It's a long process...but I love the results.

More of the base painted in the first and 2nd wash layers. 

And, here is a front view of the project in day light.  I am nearly completed with the painting at this point.  I have still more to do believe it or not.  I now need to come in with some deeper color to bring some depth to the piece.

The back side of the base in day light.
So, this brings you all up to date of where I am at the moment on the project.  I was hoping to get some painting time in today, outside in the natural light.  But, it's raining and very overcast as you might imagine.  Instead of being outside today like I had hoped, I suppose I'll be in the studio trying to build up those darker colors.  And, then, once it is dried, I'll be adding the final touches.   If I am lucky, I might be able to finish up this project this weekend and have some photos to share.  Of course, that is, providing mother nature wants to cooperate with me with some nice daylight to get some nice photos.  
On that note, before I head off to the studio, I thought I would share one last thing with you all.  A couple of weeks ago, I took a day off from the world and had some "me" time out with mother nature.  I took a trip over to Crystal Springs, Florida to do some manatee watching.   I took lots of wonderful pictures and even a couple of short videos.  It was really wonderful watching these big, gentle beings of the sea.  Nature's mermaids.   I hope you enjoy a little part of the wonderful day trip I had! 
A family of manatee!

A mother and a baby!

Another family swimming by. <3 p="">
A close-up of the family.

A couple of small video clips so that you can watch.  Sorry that one is a link to my face book.  I couldn't get it to load up for some reason.  But I hope you enjoy it all the same! 
I hope you enjoyed the post today.  I know it was picture heavy, but sometimes pictures help to tell the story!   As always, thank you for following along here at The Pixie Knoll!  I hope you all have a wonderful day.  Until next time!  


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