Friday, May 16, 2014

More new pieces from the Quinlan Show! (Picture heavy with 2 new pieces!)

Now that a few deadlines are out of the way, as promised, I am finally getting around to those pictures of the other new pieces I had promised you.  These are the additional pieces that I brought to the Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear show that no body has seen yet, except for those who attended the show.   Just like the "Allegory of Life: the Four Seasons", I had decided to keep these new pieces from the viewers until after the show.  The idea was to create a bit of "mystery" and encourage collectors to attend the show to see first hand what others who were not attending would not see until after the show was over.  :-)  In other words, those who attended were rewarded with being able to see the completed pieces first before any body else, there fore, they had first dibs on the purchases! 

So, here we are, Quinlan has come and gone, and it's time for the great reveal!  If you see something you like, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I do ship world wide and I also take payment plans too.

The first piece is called "Faegan the Pixie King".  As you know there are many pixie kings in the land of the knoll, and good 'ole Faegan here is a spritely and wise little fella.  In fact, his name has a Celtic base and means "little fiery one".  As you can see, he sits upon his throne of fiery colored branches and his wild fiery hair mimics what his personality portrays of his character.  He is made out of polymer clay and wire armature, sports glass eyes, red mohair, and hand painted with acrylic paints.  He is dressed in stocking net trousers, cotton blouse and a fuax suede jacket with tiny buttons.  He has a brass crown with a faux gem stone, and his staff is a real piece of wood, with a faux crystal and bits of carnelian stone and brass findings.  His woodland throne base is made out of a wire armature, aluminum foil and paper clay, then painted with acrylic paints and sealed for protection.  The mushrooms are also made from paper clay.  The total piece measures about 15 inches tall.  I hope you like him! 
"Faegan the Pixie King"

"Faegan the Pixie King" side view

"Faegan the Pixie King" back view

"Faegan the Pixie King"

"Faegan the Pixie King" close-up.

"Faegan the Pixie King" measurement.
The 2nd piece that I wanted to show you  is of a little pixie that loves to play with rocks, thus, is why he is named "Mason" which means, "stone worker".  As you can see, this clever little fella loves to do tricks that most mortal mankind would feel impossible to do.  But, for "Mason" this is just a small trick and requires very little effort on his part.  He just likes to amaze the common-folk with his wonderful gift and talent of manipulating stones to his liking!  "Mason" complete height measures about 21-22 inches tall in total piece.  He is made from polymer clay over a wire armature, chocolate mohair and glass eyes.  He is painted with acrylic paints, and has mulberry paper clothing.  The stone formation is made from aluminum and paper clay, then painted with acrylic paints and sealed for protection, and it has faux moss greenery.  The stones are not removable from "Mason's" head, but he is removable from the bottom rock formation for shipping purposes.  Again, this freckled face little pixie is available for purchase and I do ship world wide and accept payment plans.  If you like this little fella, please don't hesitate to drop me a line! 

"Mason" front view

"Mason" close-up

"Mason" close-up with thumb comparison

"Mason" side view

"Mason" back view

"Mason" side view

"Mason" ruler measurement

"Mason" close-up with ruler.


Aside from these 2 new pieces, I also have a few more paper clay dolls that I have finished up as well.  I will post those up in a few days.  In the meantime, I just wanted to mention that my sister blog, the darker side of The Pixie Knoll is up and running.   You can reach it here  or by clicking on the picture link at the top of this blog.    The Every Witch Way Lane store is now open and you can see where I have just completed a new Halloween Witch named "Matilda's Flight"!  She is available ONLY in the EWWL store at the moment.  They have the exclusive debut rights to sell her.  Here is the link to the EWWL shop!   So, please, jump on your broomsticks and head on over to the Coven of Crones blog and the Every Witch Way Lane store and see what it is all about! 

As always, thank you for following along here at The Pixie Knoll!   See you in a few days!


  1. Lovely pieces! Good luck with the show!

  2. Thank you so much, Luba! Alas, the Quinlan show is now over, but the Halloween themed shop is up and running! You can click on this link to get there. Thank you so much for stopping by, sweet, Luba! <3