Sunday, June 22, 2014

Commission work pictures...

Yes, commission work has been the name of the game over the last couple of weeks here at The Pixie Knoll. That, and I have also been busy working on Halloween items for the Spirits in Sanford event coming up in October and the Every Witch Way Lane store shop too.  You can read about all things Halloween over at my other blog in case you are wondering what has been in the witches brew lately.  I've recently added a cute pumpkin fellow over there that some of you might be interested in checking out in case you have missed it! 

Anyway, back to the commission.  Yes, it is true, I am currently working away on a special item.  In fact, the subject matter is something that I do not normally do, but since I could not resist the challenge and admittedly I was intrigued by the story, I went head on with the idea and have met some challenges along the way.  But, regardless of those challenges, I think that I am now back on track and feel strong and sure-footed as ever, and am confidant in the direction of the project!  *flex*

What is this project you ask?  Well, I am sure there are many of you who are familiar with the old Norse fairytale, "East of the Sun, West of the Moon".  Yes, yes, that's the one!  Well, my task isn't to portray the young heroine of the story, no, no, not her...but rather, it's the majestic polar bear!  Well, sort of anyway.  Our bear will have a very special name which I will divulge to you later down the road once he is completed.  But for now, suffice to say he is the king of all polar bears...a regal fellow indeed!  Come to think of it, I have never been sure of the white bear's name from the fairytale, or if he ever had a name, for that matter, I may never know.  But, no matter I suppose, for this bear will have a very fine name fitting his stature among the king of bears I can assure you!  His name has already been chosen by the collector and I think it is a great name.  :-) 

At any rate, this fine polar bear is a very large project and will be displayed with a wonderful and very ethereal ball-jointed doll that was made by the Russian Popovy Sisters!  Yes, how exciting is this!  They will be displayed together much like the story "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" is my understanding.  To tell you good folks out there, I am both humbled and over-joyed to have the honor of creating this regal white bear to be displayed along side the beautiful work of the Popovy Sisters!  For those who are not familiar with the Popovy Sisters works here is a link to see a sampling:

As for the progress on my commissioned white bear, I am now finished with the armature and am finally ready to start the actual sculpting process.  So far, the bear measures  21" x 12" x 5", and that is just the armature at this point.  It is to stand up next to a 16" doll according to my collector.  So after collaborating the various size dimensions of the doll, I have guesstimated that my white bear's size should fit according to an appropriate scale of a magnificent beast to the gentle and ethereal beauty of her doll.   So, here are the pictures so far of my progress, starting from the sketch measurements for scale size to the finished armature. 

Found this reference on the internet some place, please forgive me if it is your picture, I needed a size reference!
Once I had a small reference, I was able to enlarge it by doing a grid mark-up and hand drawing the image to the size I needed for the scale of work I want to create.  NOTE: some mathematical skills needed...but nothing fancy!  LOL

Again, here you can see that I have free-hand drawn the image to enlarge it to the 12 inches in height that I wanted the finished armature to be.
And here, you can see by the size of the baseball for quick size comparison,  the ruler placements for measurements, and my drawing underneath the armature. 

Same picture, just a little further away.  :-P
Now, of course, some of you are probably looking at my armature, scratching your head saying, "She's got to be kidding me!".  LOL  It's ok, I am used to it!   But believe me, these pictures do not do it any justice because this darn armature truly is in the shape of a polar bear! I can SEEEEEE IT with my very own eyes!  HAHAHAHAHA  I'm wondering if you can too?   Anyway, so this is where I sit with the polar bear and now you know what has been transpiring in The Pixie Knoll studio over the last couple of weeks. 

On that note, I will close with my current auction that is available on Ebay this week. The troll "Captured" is up for auction with a great starting price!  So don't miss out on a wonderful art doll for your fantasy art work collection.  He's sure to be a hot topic and the envy of your collection by all your friends.  After all, he is a one-of-a-kind figure!  Your friends will not have one of their own! :-D
As always, thanks for following along here at The Pixie Knoll!

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