Thursday, August 14, 2014

The People's Choice Awards from Dolls Magazine!

Just a quick post here for my fellow bloggers and followers to let you know that it is once again time to get out and support you favorite doll artist and cast your votes for the People's Choice Awards from the Dolls Awards of Excellence! 

This is a very important and prestigious competition for the doll artist who have been selected for awards.  The people's vote IS the MOST IMPORTANT of them all.  After all, it's the people who are the collectors and decide which artist move to the top.  Without your support, doll artist like myself, could not do what we love to do. 

Voting is limited to one vote per household.  The deadline for votes is October 6, 2014.  So, get your votes in early and get it out of the way!  It only takes a few minutes of your time.  I can assure you that your votes are greatly appreciated by each and every artist up for vote in the competition.  

As for myself, I have 2 pieces up for vote, "Spring Awakening" and "Pixie King Faegan", both are in the same category of "one-of-a-kind dolls under $1250.00" category.  I would be very honored to have your votes for either of my pieces that are up for votes in the competition. 

You will find a link directly to Dolls Magazine where you can place your votes.  In the meantime, thank you to everyone who places your vote with me.  I am very appreciative to each and every vote I receive.   :-)   Thank you for your continued support in my doll artist journey!

By the way, both pieces are available for purchase in my Etsy store!  Just follow the link on the right side bar.  :-) 
My two awards for being a selected artist of the 2014 Industry's Choice Awards of Excellence from Dolls Magazine!

"Spring Awakening"

"Pixie King Faegan"

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