Monday, April 6, 2015

A Short Personal Note....

Before I begin, I first want to thank all of you out there who have continued to follow my blog and for not giving up hope on me.  I am certain many of you are wondering why I have not posted since January.   In truth, I have had a very difficult year so far here in 2015 with many unexpected events in my life up to this point in time. 

As most of you know, my mother came to live with me just before Christmas after her stay in the hospital ICU for a few weeks.  The transition of her moving in with us was not necessarily a terribly difficult one, but one that we (my family) had to adjust too.  To put it in a condensed version, my time had now become my mother's time.  All of her wants and needs were now also my wants and needs.  As a mother and wife, not only do I sacrifice my time to my family, but I now give what is left of my personal time to my mother.  Which in turn, meant very little time for me and my creative endeavors.   Even so, she recognized and supported my craftsmanship, and truly has tried to give me the time I need to work, but, with disruptions coming for every angle, it has been a difficult road to accomplishing my goals.   I can not say it has been entirely her fault in my lack of production, after all, there is that matter of family and daily life that tends to get in the way as well.  The constant stop and go, take me here, run me there, and daily chores that one must do that life tends to bring have all played a role in my creative sabotage.  Not to mention, my need for downtime after all of the turmoil that I feel I have been experiencing of late.

At any rate, the purpose of this post is to sum up my "experiences" as briefly as I can so that all of you can understand why I have not been around as much as I would like to be.  Currently, my mother is once again back in the hospital and in ICU.  She was admitted 2 weeks ago today.  Immediately upon being admitted to the hospital she was placed on life support with a very poor prognosis.  The Dr.'s told me to call the family because they didn't think she would make it through the very first day.  She was diagnosed with necrotic pneumonia, complicated with stage 3 COPD, diabetes, and septic shock.  Now her prognosis at this time is fair and she continues to improve.  If she can pull out of this, her life will drastically be changed forever.  Through the course of the events, her hands and feet have taken a terrible beating, so much so that she will loose the tips of her fingers in the very least and we are not sure about her hands at this time although there is still hope she will walk away with her hands.  Her feet are another matter.  At this point in time, the Dr.'s are not sure if she will keep her feet at all or if she will loose them partially.  On top of all this, the Dr.'s are preparing to do a trachea over the next couple of days.  She continues to be on life support, but the ventilation tubing will need to be removed soon, and the trachea will make things better for her air support.   If she pulls through all of this, she will have to have rehabilitation and most likely recuperation time in a long-term care facility.  Sadly, she is unaware of the events that is taking place with her body at this time.   It has only been a couple of days that she has had her eyes open and it is still not certain how much she understands what is going on around her at this time, though she is able to follow your movement around the room.   Needless to say, I have spent the better part of my life over the last 2 weeks at the hospital by her side, watching and waiting for any good news I could walk away from through this ordeal.   It has been a long and difficult road to put it lightly. 

Aside from this, as many of you know, on Friday the 13th (back in March), my son totaled my car.  Luckily he walked away with a concussion, some minor sprains and the typical scratches and bruises.  It was unfortunate to loose my car, but I was happy that he survived the terrible accident.   Then, a week later, he had another accident which ended up with another couple of concussions, stitches, a severely bruised tail bone and lots and lots of road rash;  all because he decided that riding a skateboard while being pulled behind a vehicle was a lot of fun to do.  He found out the hard way that it probably wasn't the best of ideas.  I told him if he were a cat, that he had just lost 2 of his 9 lives and that he should probably not do anything stupid here on out just in case the number was lower than we thought.   On top of these 2 incidents, we have had a couple of court dates (because after all, boys will be boys) and the typical visit to probation as a result of the idiot aftermath of a good time gone wrong.   It's hard to believe that all of this has been over the course of only the last 3 weeks!  Believe me, if I were to share with you what the last few months have been like, you would probably have me committed!  Given what my year has been like so far, it's amazing that I have any sanity left at all at this rate.

As a result of "life" getting in the way, I will not have as many pieces completed for the upcoming Quinlan show in Philadelphia on May 1st.  Obviously, I will bring what I have and hope for the best.  After all, the show must go on.   We can only do the best that we can do, and that is all we can do. 

Thank you all for your time, thoughts, well-wishes and prayers.  And, too, for not giving up on me.  Soon, the storms in my life will pass and I will once again be creating like I was before.  All of us come across road bumps in the journey of life, but I know, just around the bend, the road is much smoother to travel.  So bare with me while I go through this difficult part of my journey in life. 

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