Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Moving forward....

As most of you already know, my dear mother passed away April 27 after a very long stay in the hospital ICU for a total of 5 weeks.  When she came to live with me back in December, I knew her health was fair to poor with stage 3 COPD and Diabetes.  Even still, her entry to the hospital came unexpectedly and her death an even greater shock, because all things considered, she was doing quite well until she developed necrotizing pneumonia which came on fast and furious and turned almost immediately into septic shock.   At this time, I want to thank my friends, family and collectors for their patience, love, prayers and continued support with what has been a very difficult time for me.  I also want to thank you for giving me the space I needed to grieve, heal and come to terms with the changes that are taking place in my life.   Unfortunately, most of us, if not all of us, will go through difficult times such as a death of a parent.  It is not an easy task, but in the end, it is the cycle of life.  The ones left behind must learn to carry on and live as we are expected to do.  With that said, it is time for me to move forward and celebrate life.....and that is exactly what I plan to do.

In the spirit of moving forward, I wanted to share with you my latest pieces that I brought to the Quinlan Doll and Teddy Bear Convention in Philadelphia over the May 1st weekend.  The show was a lot of fun and a much needed deviation for me.  It is still a relatively new show that is only in its 5th year of running now.  While the teddy bear artist do very well at the show with sales, the collector base for the doll and figure artist are still lacking in attendance.  Which to me, is very surprising for the simple reason that this show has some of the top names in the one-of-a-kind doll and figure world to date on it's roster.  Some of the top doll artist from this year's show are Mark Dennis, Diane Keeler, Ankie Daanen, Joy Calhoon, Natalie Ruiz, Roxanna Maria Sullivan, and Nina Tugarina.  (and myself of course :-D)  LOL   Since I have been in attendance to the show for the past 3 years now, I still find it difficult to believe that the OOAK doll and figure collectors are still NOT flooding the showroom to grab up the fabulous pieces of art available to them in one centralized location.  Every year, I am awestruck by the work that artist bring to the show, and dumbfounded by the pieces that return back home due to not being sold at the show.  At any rate, what I'm trying to say is that I would love to see the collector base grow substantially for this show in the near future or the doll artist may stop attending.  There is no other show out there that you will be able to see as many of the top artist out there in one location.  It is well worth the investment if you are a collector of one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Anyway, here are a couple of the pieces that I managed to finish and bring with me to the show this year.  "World Traveler" and "Natalia"  I hope you like them!   Since they did not sell at Quinlan, I will be bringing them with me to the International Doll and Teddy Bear Show in Asheville, North Carolina in June.  
"World Traveler"



And, while I'm at it, I thought I would show you a couple of other pieces that are on my work bench at the moment.  With any luck, I'll have them completed before the IDS show in Asheville, North Carolina next month! 

Last but not least, I wanted to leave you with a few pictures of the warm Florida scenery that I see here at The Pixie Knoll on a daily basis.  Enjoy! 
Cypress tree and knots.  I think this is where the pixies live! 

Some warm Florida scenery on my nature trail hike this past weekend.

A Florida native and his Brim friends in the canal in my back yard.  LOL
As always, thank you for stopping by The Pixie Knoll and for your continued support in my artist journey! 


  1. Lori, mu condolences on the passing of your mom. I went through this five years ago, and still vividly remember the ordeal. It is extremely hard time. I am happy to see that you had some good time as well! Your new dolls look wonderful!

  2. Luba, you are such a sweet friend. Thank you for your kind words. Losing a loved one is never easy, this is true, but time truly does heal the pains of the heart. <3 As for my new creations, I am glad that you like them. :-)