Sunday, July 12, 2015

Publication Announcement!

Hiya folks!

I just found out that I will be in the July 2015 issue of Pretty Toys Magazine!   YAY!!!!

Most of you may know already, but for those that do not, this is an internationally distributed magazine, which means it is published in many different languages and is far reaching.  How exciting is that!  In fact, my work is not only inside the magazine but my name landed on the front cover too!   I am super pleased to hear this news as you can imagine.  This makes the 3rd time I have made an issue of Pretty Toys Magazine and the 2nd time my name has been mentioned on the cover.  What an HONOR!

This magazine is a wonderful copy to hold in your hands. I admit, it is a bit pricey, but, it is chock full of wonderful eye candy of artist dolls from all around the world and hardly NO advertisement.  So what you get is cover to cover goodies to feast your eyes upon!  And that says a lot.  Not only that but the magazine is extremely well made with beautiful glossy heavy pages of gorgeous pieces of work.    You can buy either a digital copy or the hard copy.  Obviously, the digital copy is VERY budget friendly.  :-)   But there is just something about holding that fabulous publication in your hands that is gratifying beyond words.   To get your copy just go to:

Pretty Toys Magazine issue for July 2015. The release date is July 20th!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the great news with me here at The Pixie Knoll. 

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