Friday, July 22, 2016

Don't you just hate that when THAT happens!

Don't you hate when you explore "buttons" and other "templates" on your blog only to discover that at some point along the way you must have clicked the "save" button?  

I swear, I thought I was in the "preview" mode.  HAHA  I guess, some how, I must have saved my
"changes" along the way.  *sigh*  What a mess!

This is the kind of thing where the old adage is "curiosity killed the cat".  LOL   Stumbling blindly through the buttons and exploring what "other" templates there are to choose from is probably not a good idea to do when you really should be going to bed.  HAHA     Have you ever noticed how these types of things always happen when you really do not have the time to fix them?  I swear, someone should kick Murphy square in the seat of his pants..... him and his "law".....who needs him anyway?

Long story short....this will not be like this for long because I absolutely despise everything sitting off to one side of my page.  If it is bothering just HAS to be bothering you too.  :-P   I can assure you, this "mess" will be cleared up as soon as I can make heads and tails of what it is I "broke".  HAHA

Anyway folks, bare with me while I do a little house cleaning.  Thank you all for your patience!

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