Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Little Show and Tell....

It's a funny kind of limbo when you are waiting for more supplies to arrive so you can get back to sculpting.   Your mind starts to wander thinking of all the projects you could make....better yet....ones you could be working on RIGHT now at this very instant had you not run out of glass eyes.   Shame on me for letting this happen.  I should know better.   

However, do not fret, it will all be alright because all of the day dreams that are currently plaguing my mind of all the future creative possibilities have not disappeared and turned to mush.  I can envision grand things to come from the workbench in the near future.  Wondrous possibilities in fact!  Within the scheme of things, all is not lost. This has now turned into the planning stage!  In fact, sometimes having a little downtime is a good thing for a creative person.  This is the time when we re-collect our imaginations and make them brighter, bolder and more refreshed than ever before.  We refill our creative wells during these moments.  It's as necessary as breathing air. 

So, while I am letting my creative well replenish itself, in the meantime I am working on a few gourds to bring with me to the Lake Mary Art Stroll coming up on the 1st of February.   Why gourds?  Well, I'm a bit curious to see what the crowds might think of them.  It's a trial and error thing.  Sometimes you have to do that sort of thing to see if it is worth wasting your time on them.  Of course, since I have a TON of gourds laying about here, it will be a while before I call it quits on gourd artistry.   At any rate, one of the gourds I am working on is a bowl.  It measures approximately 5.5 inches tall and just over 8 inches wide.  It's a pretty good sized bowl.  I thought you might like to see some pics of the different stages.  My final step is to paint it.  Hopefully I will have it finished this weekend along with a few others that are sitting and waiting to be finished up.  It's amazing how long these gourd projects really take.  I think that I have almost a weeks worth of work into this gourd alone. :-D   I hope once I am finished with it, it will have been worth the effort.  

Recently I was commissioned to create a pixie head ornament to go on a Christmas tree.  With the hectic pace of the holidays, I was not able to get to it before Christmas, but the collector was in no hurry what-so-ever and it did not matter if it arrived in time for Christmas.  That was super nice as it took a lot of pressure of the creative process.  Nothing worse than feeling the "crunch" when trying to get something completed in a hurry.  At any rate, their patience paid off as the cutest little pixie head sprouted out of the clay.  I admit, it was tempting to keep him for myself.  LOL  I could imagine at what a cute little doll figure he would have made had I been given the privileged to make him into a doll. Here are a few snap shots.  I am sure you would agree.  :-)  

Anyway, this is what I have for now.  I'm sure that early next week, I will have some gourd pics for you all since I have quite a few of them on my bench to be finished over the next few days.  Once I finish with Lake Mary next week, I will probably be taking a break from gourd work for a few months so that I can fully prepare for the upcoming shows. 

In the meantime, it's time for me to get out of here and get back to work!  Thanks for checking in here at The Pixie Knoll!  I hope you all have a LOVELY weekend!  


  1. I love doing working with gourds. This piece is very nice😊

    1. Thank you, Susie! I like working on them too....I guess it is obvious. haha It gives me a chance to free up my creative thinking with a different creative outlet. Sometimes it helps to do that when you feel a "creative block" coming on. :-D I was glad to finally finish the pyrography portion on this particular gourd. It was starting to feel monotonous. :-P <3 Anyway, I hope you share some of your gourd work too sometime. Hugs!