Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Little Something To Tie You Over.....

That is exactly what this post is.....a little of something, but a bunch of nothing.  :-D  I merely wanted to pop in here to update you good folks on my current activities.  

The Quinlan Doll and Bear Convention has come and gone once again.  Another year of seeing all of the artist's wonderful creations, making new friends and sharing good laughs with old friends all the while creating another great bunch of memories to cherish for a life-time.  It was a fun show indeed.  Too bad a lot of you could not are really missing out! 

Now, I am making headway for the International Doll and Teddy Show that is on the weekend of June 23 and 24.  I have 2 projects on my work bench that I am striving to complete in time to make an appearance at the show.  :-)  One has turned out to be a lot more involved that I had anticipated. LOL  You know how it is, once you get going on something, you keep adding and adding and adding until you look up and think....OMG, I have created a monster!  Well, in truth, it's not a behemoth project per say, but it does have a lot of little parts that are taking me longer than I had expected.  :-P  Suffice to say, it will be pretty cute once I am finished I think.  With luck, perhaps I can get in a 3rd project, but I am not going to hold my breath on that.  :-)  At any rate, all my current WIP pictures are stuck on my phone, so you will just have to take my word for it.  :-D  Hopefully, I'll have time to share something later once I get closer to completion.  No promises on that though.  o.O

Aside from show preparations, I was just notified that my class in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Road to Enchantment convention has been cancelled due to lack of interest.  Hmmm, probably because it was a little bit of a daunting task of trying to complete a full figure in 2 days. LOL  Can you say....over achiever?  Yeah, just a bit.  But, in my defense, this is what the organizers wanted from me.  I tried to explain to them that THAT was a bit much...even for myself, but this is what they wanted.  Initially the class was 3 days, then it dropped to 2 days.  Which made it even more of an impossible task.  At any rate, next time I am asked to teach a class, I will suggest what I think how it should be and what I am comfortable doing.  *sigh*  I guess you live and learn from these types of things.  Now, at least next time, I will know better.  :-)  Besides, what is that old saying?  When one door closes another one opens?   We shall wait and see what comes up!

If you follow along with my Face Book, you will know that I am once again participating in the Spirits in Sanford Halloween show.  This year, the show date is October 6 and 7th.  That Friday night is the artist reception.  It's an RSVP event with cocktails, fun, door prizes and early purchasing power for the Friday night attendees!  Don't forget to where your COSTUMES!!!!  It's great fun, lots of laughs, and you will always find something WICKED to take home with you.  For more information, please head over to their website now so you can be sure to schedule you and your ghoulish date for the RSVP Friday night event!

Well, folks, that is what I have for you at this moment.  Sorry no pics this time, but next time I return, I should have something nice for you to look at.  :-D  As always, thanks for stopping by my page here and taking a trip with me through The Pixie Knoll!  I'll see you next time!

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