Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wicked Witch update

Here it is, Halloween and I'm sad to say, my poor little wicked witch will be unable to take flight tonight. What a terrible travesty this is. What is a witch who can not satisfy the itch, to fly on Halloween night! Oh, my, what will she ever do? Her broom has not been found yet, and her clothing is still at the tailors! And, of course, she missed her appointment to the hair dresser on top of all this! This is, indeed, a sad state of affair. I suppose, she will go and take in a baseball game instead with a towel wrapped around her head!

It is true, I have not finished her yet as I had hoped I would have been able to do. Unfortunately, this week has been a very chaotic week, and even though I have worked hard on her, things just didn't fall together as I had planned. I guess this is the sort of thing that happens when you have a kid in high school and your plans automatically become their plans. LOL Such is life, and the way of the world. I'll only be able to live these high school moments for one more year after this. So, I might as well relish them as they come. My boy managed to get picked up to play this weekend on a travel ball team for a tournament in Kissimmee, playing at the Houston Astros training facility. Last night, he played on the actual field that the spring training games are played on prior to the start of the major league season. That was a lot of fun as the sports complex and the field is beautiful. Today, we will be out there again playing ball. So, with all the travel time, and the down time in between games, that put me behind on my poor wicked witch. Sad to say, but, a baseball mom has to do what a baseball mom does best! Root for the team! :-) Win or lose, we'll have a great time.

Anyway, I wanted to give you the updated pics of this wicked witch before I head off to get ready for ball games today. Her body seems a little too skinny, but her clothing will make up the bulk of it. So never mind her scrawniness. And, of course, she is more bald than a pumpkin in these shots! I think a pumpkin has more hair than she does at the moment. lol But, atleast you can now see her boots....minus her shoe strings, as I'll do them after her costuming is finished. I don't want her tripping over them as we fidget with the costume. hehe

I hope you like the update, hopefully, I'll have her finished early this week. But, I'm afraid this weekend has been shot out of the murky Halloween waters due to baseball tournament games.

I hope everyone has a safe Halloween, and has as many fun tricks as they have yummy treats!







Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On to the next stage!

Our wicked witch is coming along nicely. I finished sculpting her boots/legs last night and now we are moving on to the painting stage today.

If things go the way I expect them too, perhaps she will have a body tonight. I already have her armature made, so once she has been painted, she'll be able to cut a rug after I assemble her. Though, she might be naked. rofl I'll spare you folks with a butt load of pictures for now. I think I'll take more after her body is assembled. We'll see.

Anyway, I have to go do some wife chores so I can get back into the studio and get back to work. It's hard when you work your day job, then come home and do your creative job. Sometimes, it feels like there are not enough hours in a day. *sigh* It is what it is I suppose.

Catch ya later,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wicked Witch Update!

As promised, I have some new updated pics of this fancyful wicked witch. Her head has been fully sculpted now, and she also has a pair of hands as well! I have yet to paint them, but I'll do all of the painting after I have sculpted her feet/legs.

At any rate, I don't have a lot of time to write this time since I'm still trying to get caught up on my Mommy and Wife chores from over the weekend, but wanted to drop these bread crumbs in here to tantalize your taste buds.





I hope you like the progress so far. She has proven to be a very fun project to work on so far. I only hope she turns out like I expect her to. hehe

And, of course, at the same time, I am busy working on a special commission piece too. I have not posted pics of her yet, but I'll post some of her once she is finished. Hopefully, I'll have her finished soon too. So many deadlines, and so little time! If only I didn't have to go to work in the morning! One of these days I swear I'm gonna make doll making a full time job! Right now, it's the fun full time job that gets in the way of my part-time job. hehe

Talk to you all soon!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

A very large update!

Oh, gee, where do I start. Hmmm, let me see.

Well, I suppose I'll start with my WIP update. A few days ago, I decided to do a fun project. I started with the head as per my normal routine. I have finished sculpting the head already, but it is not painted just yet and has no hair on it's bald little head. I have yet to take a new updated picture of it's progress. But, in the meantime, I want to show you the beginning. Keep in mind, it is at it's very early stages at this point in time. She, yes, she, will be a Halloween Witch! Let's see if I can get her finished in time for her to catch flight on her broom on All Hallow's Eve! Stay tuned, because she will be ever changing!

witch wip1

witch wip2
witch wip3

But, of course, with all the craziness of the past few days with the one day show, etc. her progress was abruptly halted. I only found out a few days ago that I would be able to do the one day event. So, in my haste to make things just right and wanted to have a full display, I searched around trying to find a few fillers that I could wip up really quick. Well, I had a couple of baby heads just laying around in some boxes. So, I yanked them out and gave them bodies. I do hope they are happy with them. lol But, one of them, I did not take pictures of, as I have a feeling he might still morph a little further into...hmm, I haven't quite decided yet. But, I do feel he needs a little bit more work. On the other hand, I did finish one of them completely at 12:30 am last night. As you might know it...I'm one of those artist that has to cram something in at the last minute and of course, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Can we say stress factor? I have to wonder why I do that to myself. Oh well. It is what it is. At any rate, here is one of the new babies I finished up. His name is Orion and he is a merbaby. I do hope you like him! It would be nice if he swam right into the hearts of someone and he found a new home to rest his scales. :-D


Now, after saying all of that, this last bit is for all the wonderful people that I met today at the show. First, I want to say thank you for stopping by my table and taking the time to meet and talk with me. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed talking to you all and sharing my artform with you. Your wonderful compliments really made my day and I am forever grateful for them and will carry your words in my heart. Each and everyone of you are such a huge encouragement to help me to continue on creating my one of a kind art dolls. Thank you with all of my heart! Hopefully, I will be able to return next year if the church does it again. I had such a fantastic time, that I look forward to bring in new sculpts for all of you to see.

Anyway, I thought I'd take a few pics of my display too. Sorry for the lighting, it was an indoor event, and apparently my camera just does not like indoor pics, or it is operator error; more than likely it is that later of the 2! lol. I'm not sure if you can see them on the table, but I have also added african american santa ornaments to my list of stuff. I only have a few at the moment since I was not sure how well they would go over. But, if I do see an interest in them, then it is something I might consider making more of.

Here is my table display:

chuch display1
church display2
church display3
church display4

Well, as you might imagine, I'm exhausted from todays events and think I need to go and turn into a vegetable on the couch in front of the tv. I have a feeling it will be an early bed time for me tonight. It is a good tired, and I gladly welcome it.

Thanks to all that made today a truly wonderful day. I really had a great time. I do have a couple more one day shows coming up that are locally. One in November and the other in December. I'll post more information on them later when I have more details. But, for now, I'm gonna check out the tv.

Hugs to all,

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mount Dora, Florida Craft Show

Hello Friends!

Hopefully now that I have left my studio space in a complete mess and my house in total disarray, I will finally find some gain to all my efforts of the past few weeks. Although, I am still not done making the mess as I have much more to do, I have done as much as I possibly could for tomorrow. Yes, that is right, tomorrow, Saturday, October 24, I will be in Mount Dora at the annual Craft Festival. It is a huge festival that has been happening annually now for.....hmmm, quite a few years and counting now.

Unfortunately, I will not be there for the entire weekend of the Craft Festival event, but, I will have a table displayed at the First Presbytarian Church on the corner of 6th Avenue and Alexander Street. The church decided to sponsor a small craft set-up to coincide with the craft festival happening outside in the neighboring streets. The small craft set-up will be inside the church. My table is located directly in the center of the room. I will have all of my available dolls there, as well as christmas ornaments. I will also have a couple of new pieces that have not been seen yet. I will be there from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

So, if you live in the area, and have time to swing by and see all the wonderful crafts out in the streets in downtown Mount Dora, please stop by the First Presbytarian Church as well to meet me and see the other crafters there too! And, please, introduce yourself to me as I would be delighted to meet you!

I look forward to seeing you there!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Woodland Pixie and Christmas Candy Elf: finished

Nothing like being on a roll. I've been busy getting things caught up and cleared out of the way these last couple weeks. It is amazing how quickly the tons of ideas that manifest on your desk waiting to be completed. Eventually, you get to the point where you must work your way back down to eye level again just so you can see a corner or two.

The first of this lot of items is the Woodland Pixie. Personally, I think she is uglier than home-made sin. But, you never know, there could be a pixie fella out there that finds her very attractive. The old adage that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" rings so true where she is concerned. Or, better yet, "a face that only a mother could love". Yep, this is the Woodland Pixie. The least she could have done was take a bath prior to her photo shoot. She had been tromping through the woods all day and so I'm afraid she is a bit of a mess. She thought she was being clever and tried to hide in her surroudings, but this little butterfly come along and pointed her out to me from her hiding place. Silly pixie! So, without saying a word about her bath, I quickly took her picture while she was busy with her new found friend.

Here are the pictures I managed to capture of her before she flew away to hide again.

woodland pixie1
woodland pixie2
woodland pixie5
woodland pixie3
woodland pixie4

Now, here are the updated pics of the christmas candy elf, "Skittles". Having good lighting is so important to take good pictures. Although I took these pictures outside, it was still overcast, making it a little darker outside than I had initially wanted. But, they are still far better than when I took them inside the last time I tried pictures. I think you will agree they are much better.

Those are the final 2 to show. I should have some more stuff up and coming soon! So keep checking. :-)

Hugs to all,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The dark fairy, finally finished!

At long last, and after much struggles between good and evil, she is finally finished. Since I have never done a dark piece before, it was a struggle between the dark side that wanted to escape, and the light side wanting to keep things under wraps. The dark side finally bolted through and gave way to the light. Although, I admit, she is not evil in no way, and in some respects, she is really not all that dark. Perhaps she does have a little goth coming out in her, and there is some goodness to her still yet.

At any rate, this is more than anything an emotional piece of art with hints of symbolism. The title of the sculpt is "Raven and the Crow". As you will see in her pictures, she has a tear rolling down her cheek as she leans forward to pet and comfort the crow. The symbolism behind the piece is that crows herald death and grave yards, they are indeed the messengers of ill fortunes. The dark fairy, Raven, is mourning the loss that the messenger brings. The Crow, he does not like his job, but it is his to tell nonetheless, and so, he carries on, in his sad state of affairs. Thus, the Raven, she comforts him and lets him know that she too, understands what it is that he must do, and listens to the message that he brings. And, this is the story behind The Raven and the Crow.

raven and the crow8
raven and the crow2
raven and the crow1
raven and the crow7
raven and the crow6
raven and the crow8
raven and the crow4
raven and the crow5

I do hope you like her. It is late tonight so I don't have the time to post the pics to my website, but, I wanted to get some pictures up to show all of you who have been waiting patiently for her final pics. Hopefully, I can find the time to get the pics up on my website tomorrow.

Hugs to all,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The dark fairy update

As promised, I have some update pictures of the dark fairy. They are not the best pictures because the in my house is so aweful. But, once she is completely finished, I'll take her pictures outside and hopefully I'll have some better results then.

Before I post the pictures, I just want to share with you all the horrible moments I have had creating her wings! I don't normally work with themes that are dark natured, so her costuming was the initial irritant for me. Nothing I could find would work right for me. Until finally I came up with what she is wearing now. I have a feeling that because of the costuming issues, it set the pace for the problems I have had creating her wings.

The process I used to make her wings is probably used by many doll artist who make fairies. But, for the average Joe that does not know how some of the wings come to be, I'll share with you one of the ways in which I create them. I have used many different processes in the past, but this is how I proceeded to make her wings.

First I took 2 layers of organza fabric and fused them together using a special material. Once I did this, I cut out my wing pattern in the way that I so desired them to be. After I finished this, I then took a light weight wire, and used my sewing machine to stitch the wires down to the wings to create a "veining" in the wings. This allows them to be bendable and freely poseable. It is really a wonderful feature that comes with the fabric wings. Anyway, after I did this, I found some black silk rose flowers at the store. I took the pedals from the flowers and cut these in small pieces that would mimic a "feather". Then, I took these new feathers and glued them down to both sides of the wings creating the layered feather look. Well, needless to say, after all this work, it did not look the way I had envisioned it to look. So, back to the store I went looking for black feathers. I could not find what I was looking for, but ended up purchasing a bag of black "fluffy" feathers. Well, my thought was to take bits and pieces from the fluffy feathers tucking them into my new hand made wings. I thought it would give it more the "feathered wing" look. Well, putting tuffs here and there did not feel very appealing to me. So, I wound up cover the entire wings front and back. Now, mind you, most normal people probably would have taken the entire fluffy feather and just glued the thing down, quill and all. But, oh nooooo, that would have been way too easy for me. I had to cut the feather off of the quills and glue them into position one little bunching at a time. As you can imagine, from start to finish, this pair of wings have taken quite some time to create. If you can believe I have worked on them now for about 3-4 days? Get up, go to work for the normal day job, then spend several hours each night fighting a pair of wings. Yep...that is the process, folks. And, can you believe, even after all that work, I DO NOT like them still. So, back to the drawing board for me.

So, now, I am waiting on some new feathers to come that I have ordered over the internet. These are longer, sleeker feathers, with a smooth appearance. They should be black, with a hint of metallic type of color in some sort of greens as the picture looked. I believe they are rooster feathers of some sort. Anyway, the goal is to have the fairies feathers mimic that of her friend the crow. If you can picture a "magpies" feathers, I guess these might look somewhat like that. *shrug* Hard to say when all you are doing is looking at pictures on the internet when you order something. I just pray they are exactly what I need, otherwise, I'm gonna have to make do with the next best thing. But, it hopefully will be worth the wait for these feathers. As it is, the current wings felt more like black angel wings to me. It just wasn't the look I initially wanted.

Anyway, here are the pics of our dark fairy. I call her "The Raven and the Crow". The pictures at the moment, again, are horrible, and I apologize for that. Darned old houses, the only thing good about them is the roof over your head. *sigh* So, because the pictures are poorly, you can not really see the fine details on her at the moment. For example, you can not see the tear drops coming down her cheeks. I do hope you enjoy the WIP picture nonetheless. Hopefully, her new feathers will be here soon, and I can get her wings made and some new and better pictures up so you can see her better. I do hope you like her despite her crappy pictures.

raven and crow1

raven and crow2
raven and crow3

raven and crow4

While I have been waiting for her new feathers to arrive in the mail. I decided to pull out a project that I had started on a few months ago. At the time, I became discouraged with her, and put her aside to save for a later date when I had more patience for her. So, I have made some progress with her these past couple of days. She is a little woodland pixie. She looks funny at the moment because she has no cothes and no hair. Her body doesn't have a lot of detail on her because she will have clothes on anyway. *shrug* It's the way of the doll world. Sometimes they get gorgeous boobs, and sometimes they get mosquito bites. LOL Here she is with her mosquito bites! Maybe I can have her finished by this upcoming weekend. We shall see!



And, last but not least. While I was working on the dark fairy, I also had another project going strong on the side. I guess I can never work on one thing at a time. If I did, I would probably work a lot quicker, but, I suppose this is just my style. This is of a little Christmas candy elf. Of course, the pics are horrible...but I think it is just enough so you can get a good idea of what she looks like. I will be taking better pictures of her this weekend, and will have those pictures put up on my website. Anyway, this adorable little creature is named "Skittles". The candy in the prop were all hand-made out of polymer clay. It is not edible. So, if you should end up the lucky recipient of "Skittles" please do not eat the candy, you'll get a horrible belly ache! lol

Here is the cute little "Skittles". I hope you like her.



Well, that is all that I have for you this evening. Hopefully I'll have more in a few days. I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. I know they are not the best quality, but I'll have better ones up on my website once they are finished.

Hugs to all,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A thoughtful gesture!

Surprise, surprise! I received a nomination for this avatar today from my wonderful friend, Dorote at: I have to say, this is a truly thoughtful gesture. Thank you, Dorote for thinking of me! You really should check out her blog, she makes some very wonderful dolls!

The award rules are:

1. Thank the person who gave this to you.

2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog.

3. Link the person who nominated you.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.

5. Nominate seven 'Kreativ Bloggers'

6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know you nominated them.
Let me see, 7 things that no one would really know about me. This is going to be tough since I am
such an open book, but let me see what I can do. lol
1. I have lived in all of these states: Florida, Maine, New Jersey, Georgia, and Kentucky.
2. I would love to visit Scotland, Ireland and Europe.
3. I have never traveled outside of the United States.
4. I love gardening and to plant beautiful plants and flowers, but I am not good at maintaining it.
5. I have a small collection of dolls.
6. I would love to own a ball-jointed doll.
7. I enjoy playing MMORPG games and single-player computer games.
Alright, and of course, I saved the best for last. I have many, many blogs that I enjoy to keep tabs on. Some have already been nominated for this wonderful little award. So, I will try not to repeat the reward that way everyone will get the opportunity to experience the pleasure of the award. In no particular order, here are my picks:
1. : She is a very talented doll artist who I enjoy watching her work come to life. She is an inspiration to me and many artist. Her work is just beautiful to see and never a disappointment.

2. Her little fairies and woodland folk are exactly how I would imagine them to be if I were to finally find one in the woods. Truly wonderful and magical to see.

3. In the spirit of the Halloween season, I have chosen this blog with her wonderful witches. I enjoy seeing her witches and other dolls that she creates. If you like witches, she is the one to go to. I love all of her witch creations!

4. Also in the spirit of Halloween, I think Gail's dolls are magnificent and very creative in a macabre sort of way. :) Each doll she creates is a thing of imagination and truly whimsical. I enjoy seeing her dolls, they always bring a smile. She definately has the spirit of Wednesday's child in her little dolls.

5. Rose has such a beautiful talent that inspires me every time I see a new creation by her. I love her stories she weaves that accompany her dolls and sculpts. Her work is always a delight to see and never a disappointment.

6. Nadiia is another wonderful artist whose work is an inspiration to so many artist. Each and everyone of her figures tell a story. I enjoy seeing all of her sculpts, they are all so wonderfully sculpted and life-like.

7. Anna-Mari in my opinion is as close to a modern master to sculpting as one can get. Her work is not only beautiful, but it is captivating. Her awe-inspiring work sets the bar high for many artist. Her work is never disappointing and is always beautiful. A very talented young lady!
And, there you have it folks. My picks! I think that their blogs are all worth the stroll if you have the time to visit!
Hugs to all,

Monday, October 5, 2009

Another publication!

Yes, you read it correctly! One of my Santa's made it into a nationally distributed magazine! Doll Crafter and Costuming, December, 2009 issue, Gallery section, pg. 44. You can buy your copy of the issue at your local news stand or you can order it online at in case you are interested in owning your own copy.

Albeit, it is a small spot in this wonderful magazine, but even still, I can not tell you all how excited I am about it. Thankfully, my wonderful doll-making friends from forums notified me of the publication, otherwise I might not have known it was out on the news stands by now! It is so nice to be surrounded by wonderful friends around the world. My special thanks to my friend, Natalie, for giving me the heads up. *hugs*

Here is the Santa that was put into the magazine:
Right Jolly Old Elf: Available

"A Right Jolly Old Elf" is an 18" prosculpt over wire armature with poseable cloth body. He has glass blue eyes, and tibetan lambs wool hair. He is free-standing on top of his stand that I made him. He reminded me of the peddler just opening his sack in the story "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and thus, it is how he come by his name. He received an Honorable Mention from 2008 Santa contest this past holiday season. He was my 2nd Santa I made, and it was my first contest that I had ever entered with one of my dolls. Needless to say, I was deeply honored to receive the honorable mention, and now, flattered that he is published. For any that might be interested, he is still available for purchase!

Last week, I posted a picture of a WIP of what is to be a dark fairy. I apologize that I forgot to take pictures while I was working on her. LOL That is how it goes when you get busy working on these things. Even the best laid plans seem to fall astray from time to time. My intentions were to take more pictures of her mid way through the process. But, alas, she is nearly finished, so I figured it is best to wait for her to be completed since I am now so far along on her. I would say that perhaps in the next couple of days, I will have some pictures of her to put up. Be patient, that will not be long!

And, as a final note, I just wanted to say a special "thank you" to all my friends at ooakdollart for voting me August's Most Valued Member. I can not tell you how special it is to be recognized amongst my peers. I was both shocked and honored at the announcement. So, to all of you, thank you, for your friendship, your encouragement, and for believing in me. *hugs*

In the meantime, take care to all and hope you come back again real soon.