Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Picture Heavy! I've been BUSY!!!

Yes, it is true, I have a lot of pictures to share with you all. I know you are all extremely excited and jumping up and down clapping your hands like silly grade-schoolers. :-D It's alright, I promise I'll not tell a soul about it. (unless you really want me to haha) Since I have been a terrible hostess to this blog lately, I thought it was high time I made up for the lack of condiments and start throwing some eye candy out to ya once again.

Like I said a couple of days ago, things have been pretty hectic around here for me lately. Really, it's been a bunch of nothing, with a little of something thrown in here and there just to give some substance to the stuff that really matters all along. But, I finally made some time and cracked the whip on the WIPS. haha

The first thing I want to share with you is one of the lovely outdoor places that I go to some time to do some sculpting. It is about 10 minutes from my house and I really love this little spot. I call it my Tavares studio. hehe

Yes, the little town is called Tavares; it is a quaint little place really. It is so special that just a few weeks back it opened up a new seaplane marina! That was really a big event for this small town. In fact, it was so big that the city brought in 2 country music bands, Little Texas and Restless Heart, to play for the grand opening of the seaplane marina. I was fortunate enough to get some pretty awesome pictures of the 2 bands, an autograph and a picture with one of the band members from Restless Heart band! Albeit, I do not have any pictures uploaded from the event, but give me a bit and perhaps I can share some of those picturs for you in a few days.

At any rate, I really just wanted to show you a few pictures of "my spot" and my vantage points of where I sit and sculpt. I have a favorite little spot to sit at a pavillion. There is a gift shop nearby, some restaurants if I should feel the need for something special...and most important, the little girls room is right there at a stones throw away so all I have to do is duck around the corner. hehe

The pavillion I sit at:
tavares studio3

The view from the pavillion:
tavares studio4

And some of the precious sites that go with the view:
tavares studio1

tavares studio2

Of course, these are just a couple of the critters. I find that many squirrles and birds like to come and visit too. As well as the dogs that frequent the park while taking their owners for a stroll; there is a little doggie drinking fountain right there at the pavillion.

Maybe next time out, I will take some pictures of the next park that I like to go and sculpt at. That is in my home town of Eustis and is 5 minutes from my house. It is another beautiful location...though, it does not have a seaplane has a nice big bandshell for special outdoor concert type events. :-D

Anyway, time for the WIPS! Like I said the other day, once I began work on my wood sprite, she decided she needed to come into her own being. She was rather opinionated and decided she was not going to share the stage with any other wood sprite, she was just not going to have it. So, after much effort, we finally came to an agreement that we were both satisfied with. The agreement process meant that I had to create yet another tree form. *sigh* These pesky wood wouldn't believe the demands they make of your time. So, Monday afternoon after I posted, the little wood sprite and me headed down to the Tavares studio and began work on sculpting her base. Since I needed to make a tree, I thought it would be good to be close to nature that afternoon. 4 hours later, we began the trek home with a finished sculpt of the tree base.

3 different views of the newly sculpted tree. Obviously it was not baked at this time.


The little wood sprite was so pleased about having her own tree, she decided she needed to get a couple of pic of herself to celebrate the event!

Since it was getting kind of late, and the domestic duties had to be done, I only had time to bake the tree on Monday. Yesterday, I come home after work and spent my entire evening painting the tree and preparing the base. I finally placed the final touches on it at the bewitching hour, and to tell you, I definitely felt like I had turned into a pumpkin by that time! The only thing I have yet to do to our little wood sprite is the matter of eyelashes. I HATE doing them. That is probably why I have not made it to that point just yet. haha Anyway, here she is finished...without her eyelashes to flutter at you. I do hope you all like her and have enjoyed all the pictures this time. I would love to hear what you think of her because she is really different than what I normally do. Even though she carries my style...she is still unique.





Now, the only thing left to do is submit her to the International Art Doll Registry and get her registration number. Those are only created on I have a few days to struggle with eyelashes before I have to have her submitted.

I hope you all have really enjoyed the creation of this doll. She was something unique and fun that I wanted to do and I very much enjoyed creating her. My next piece is the 2 wood sprites on the other tree form. Since it is sort of 1/2 way finished...hopefully it will not take as long. Friday, I plan on another day out to my outdoor studio if the weather permits. Perhaps I'll have some more local sights to share with you from the outing.

Take care all. I look forward to hearing from you.


Monday, April 26, 2010

2 listed on Ebay

Things couldn't get any more hectic for me in my neck of the woods. Sometime you feel like a chicken with it's head cut off running around in circles. Lately, it has been just like that for me. Amazing how life seems to dictate to you what it wants you to do, instead of you doing what you would like to do.

Unfortunately, there has not been much time for sculpting over the past couple of weeks, therefore, not much for WIP updates. *sigh* That is not to say though, that I have not been at least thinking on the projects. I have though, managed to finish sculpting the woodland sprite. She is not completely finished because I need to finish her base. I am hoping to actually skip away this afternoon and do some sculpting at the park and work on her base. But, for the most part, she herself is finished.

Sometime, these critters take a life all their own. Initially, I had wanted to incorporate the tree form and the woodland sprite together into a sincle sculpt. Even though the idea was great, I realized once I got to work on the two pieces, their scaled did not work well together. Probably because once I completed the tree form, I decided to add a wee character to it. lol This little character is "supposed" to be melding out of the tree itself. The 2nd character was supposed to be looking around the tree at the other one hidden in the tree. Unfortunately, the scale of the 2 characters just did not look right for my liking and so, they become their own individual pieces now. So, with all that said, now I have 2 pieces in the works. haha One will be the tree form with a couple of little woodland pixies and the 2nd is the woodland sprite in her own setting. Now, I intend to finish the woodland sprite first. At any rate, I think she has a Froudian feel to her. It was not what I had intended her to be, but, after looking at her for the past couple of days, that is what I think of when I see her. So, once I get her base completed, I'll post some finished pics of her for the world to see.

At some point in time though, I REALLY need to begin work on this inner demon that I am supposed to be creating. I think I might only have a month to get it completed. I should go back and take a peek at the deadline so I know how much time I have to screw around getting these other two pieces finished. *sigh* There are never enough hours in the day..... I swear by it.

Anyway, I wanted to drop by and let you all know that I have posted 2 of my dolls up on Ebay auction. Low starting prices so everyone can join in on the fun in case you were interested. Why don't you stop by and take a peek at the auctions; I'm sure they would love the company!

Here are the links, wish me luck!

The first one:

The second one:

Well, it was good to have the chance to pop in here for a moment to let you all know that I have not fallen off of the face of the earth just yet. I am hoping to have a new piece to show you soon.

Take care and I'll see you all the next time!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Update on the Woodsprite!

I trust that everyone had a lovely Easter and hopefully took time to remember why we have such a lovely holiday. Man-kind is truly blessed in more ways than we can ever know.

With that said, and the lovely day now behind us, it's back to work as usual. I spent my weekend creating and trying to play catch up after working what I consider an un-Godly amount of hours at the vets office this past week. Although, I'll not complain when I get the paycheck, it sure puts me behind on the end of creating.

At any rate, the pics I have for you today are just another step in the process for this project. Our little woodsprite is in her very early stages of devolopment. While I was working on her, I decided it best to stop where I was at and work on the prop for her display. My feeling is that she will be somewhat dependant upon the prop and it was necessary at this time to create it so I will have the prop for the correct placement of our woodsprite.

The prop is to be a tree. You can see that at this point it is not painted yet, but it has been baked. I still have another detail or two to add before I can get on with the painting of the tree. But, as you can see, my intentions is to make it an old piece of wood with vines streaming in various places down the tree form. The tree prop measures roughly 11" tall and is about 3-4" thick I would guesstimate. I'm not sure if you can see the detail work from the pics or not, but I was hoping to achieve the feel of bark and scattered muchrooms along the tree too. I am sure the details will be more apparent once it is painted.

Anyway here are the pics of her in her VERY early stages of development. I am still not quite sure on the positioning of her arms and legs, etc. That will come once I finish up with the detail work on the tree.




I noticed after I took these pics that she has a few specs of debris that need to be removed. The joy of working in clay. *sigh*

Now for the tree prop:





Well, that is all that I have for the moment. Hopefully, in a few days I'll have some more updates. I go back to work tomorrow so that will slow me down a bit. Darn, that 4 letter word we call work always seems to get in the way of my creativity!

Enjoy the updates and I'll see you soon!

Hugs to all,

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Woodsprite: WIP

Our doll making journey now takes us from the flower-filled meadows to the moss-covered woodlands. The subject of the next sculpt will be a woodsprite. As I hinted yesterday, my intentions are to have her "blend" with her environment.

For the moment, the only picture I have to show is of her head. I have already began working on her body partway, but decided I needed to stop where I was at because she needs her base before I can proceed any further with her body. So, today, I intend to work on her base a little so that I can continue on with the body sculpt. I think she will come out pretty good if all goes to plan. But, as you all know, even the best laid plans often fall astray. In keeping that in mind, let's hope the woodsprite will be agreeable with my plans for her. :-D

Here is the picture of her head. I hope you like it so far. She is a little different than what I normally do. I felt it was time to be a little adventerous and put a twist on my doll-making.


woodsprite 1

woodsprite 2
woodsprite 3

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finally, Cirsium has arrived

Yes, yes, it has taken a bit of time, but I have FINALLY finished with her. She has actually been finished for a few days, but I have not been able to get her pictures up. I have had to work long hours these last few days and by the time I have gotten home, it has been dark outside. That is how it is when you have to keep your day job. Perhaps one day, my hobby will support me, until then, we will have to be patient and seize the creative moments when they come.

At any rate, this is the flower fairy I have been talking about. The flowers I used reminded me of thistle flower because of the brush like appearance, and so, this is how her name was derived. "Cirsium" is the scientific name of the flower variety. I'm not entirely happy with her wings, and I might yet change them after I look at her for a while. But, for the most part, I wanted to put up her pictures so you could enjoy her for a while.

I do hope you like her!





Just a reminder for all that might be interested. Hobble's auction ends on Easter Sunday. So, if you were interested in Hobble coming to live with you, get your bids in on him so he doesn't run away from you at the last minute.

Also, I have started a new fairy. She will be a woodland sprite. My intentions is to have her "blend" with her environment. I need to get pictures of her head and put them up here for you to get a sneak peek at her. If only there were more hours in the day. *sigh*

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Cirsium as much as I have enjoyed creating her. I will post WIPS of the new sprite soon. So stay tuned!