Saturday, May 29, 2010

My inner demon: The Unveiling: Lots of Pictures!

I know it has take forever for me to finish this. And, I also know that on my last post I had promised to post up WIP pictures. But, after I had posted I got to thinking that since this was for a contest, it might be best to hold on to my WIP pictures until the deadline. Not that I don't trust my fellow artist, it was really more for the element of surprise! So, I have waited to the last minute. I had thought. hahahaa That contest deadline was extend for one more week, right after I made my contest post on ODA. hahahaaa Murphy and his law...I wish he would take a day off. *sigh*

Anyway, the time has finally come to show the fruits of my labors. This has been a month long project for me. After many trials and tribulations, and painful hours of things going wrong that needed mending, not only with the project but my heart as well. It is time to try and excise the demon that lives within. Since there are no trolls living in the knoll currently, I chose to make my demon in the form of a troll. I think he fit the genre quite well, but I'll let you folks in bloglandia decide for yourself.

I have not named this piece just yet. I will have to think about it for a few days longer. The only thing I will tell about the piece and how it concerns my inner demon is that it is symbolic and it has to do with certain freedoms and wanting to fly free like a fairy should. The teeth represent the painful gnawing away at my heart and soul, the bludgeon is there to beat me whenever I should try to escape the bonds, the rocks are the weight that sits on my heart and soul keeping it from taking flight, the troll itself breathes down my neck, as a constant reminder of the bonds I can not break free from. But, through all this, there is hope. This is why the fairy wears bright colors; to remind her that there is hope in the dark world and that she will break free from the grasp of the troll some day.

Now, for all the pictures! I will start with WIP pictures, then I will show you the final piece! I do hope you all like him!


I can't wait to hear what ya think of my first troll! I have worked so long and hard on him; I do hope you all like him! Again, I am sorry you had to wait so long for the pictures, but I do hope you understand it was for the purpose of the contest. :-) Now, that the has been completed, I can go back to the hide and seek piece I was working on. But, before I do, time for a much needed break from sculpting! Thank you all for your patience!

Take care all, and have a great weekend!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making headway and this is post #50!

Imagine that! Post #50. Never thought I would see that happen. haha Especially since I am slow at keeping up with this. *sigh* But, hey, I finally made it. Before you know it, I'll have hit twice as many as that.

Anyway, aside from that, I've been busy working! And, indeed I am making headway! On what you say? Let's just say I've been doing a little strolling with trolls. :-D No, I have not recieved my wonderful DVD yet from Ineke, but, I was in the mood for a troll stroll anyway. Unfortunately, I have not uploaded my WIP pictures yet. I do have some though. So, that is a plus. Hopefully, tomorrow after I come home from work, I can find some time to get them up loaded.

This time it is a very ugly and scary troll. It's for my ODA inner demon contest. Since that project is due on the 30th, I had to put the other one aside and begin working on it. So far, I have the head and a good part of the torso completed. I also made a 2nd troll head while I was at it. I was having so much fun making the first one, I just could not resist making the 2nd one. The first one is scary, and will probably give your kids nightmares. But, the 2nd fella is kind of happy looking. So, he was just not suitable to become an inner demon. So, I will put that one aside until later.

After all, The Pixie Knoll does have trolls running amuck. I would imagine that some of these guys are very scary to come across, hiding in their deep, dark murky forest and lichen covered bridges. Then, I am certain, that there are those who are quite wonderful and only want to make friends and play along with all the pixies, faires, elves, dwarves and halflings. It takes all kinds of characters to make The Pixie Knoll come to life. Trolls are just a little part of the world in the Knoll.

Stay tuned for WIP pictures. Remember, enter at your own risk, because he is very mean and scary!

And, as a final after thought, my last Ebay auctions were not very lucky, so I stuck them back up again for another go. If you were following them last time and forgot to bid, you have another chance now. This time, I was not so daft, and I did get the auctions up on Sunday. So, that means they will be ending on this upcoming Sunday, somewhere about 8:00 EST. Good luck to those interested. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get some links up here. One of these days, I'll figure out how to actually make links work properly in blogland. :-D


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Strolling with Trolls

Since I'm busy posting about the latest events in the world. I thought I'd stick a plug in here for my wonderful friend Ineke.

She makes some of the most delightful troll critters I have seen this side of the forest! I would say she is a master at troll making! So much so, that if you should ever need to know about the makings of a troll, she is the person I would direct you to. Ineke has a long list of credentials! She has been featured in her local newspapers for years and is known world-wide for her troll making.

At any rate, Ineke has just finished creating her first instructional video that is now available in English too! (of course, if you are adventerous enough, you can get the one in the Netherland language) You better believe I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on this DVD of hers. I am waiting on the bird and snail mail delivery system to bring mine to my door step as I write this. :-D I can't wait for it to arrive!

Here is a pic of the DVD she is offering:
ineke dvd

Why not take a stroll with the trolls? Don't miss out on your opportunity to own a great instruction DVD from the master of troll making! Stop by her website today and get your order in.

I am certain you will find her little Kobolds and trolls a delight.

What? A Give-A-Way? WOW!

I couldn't believe my eyes! Lynn Stevens at Trash to Treasure blog is have one of the most splendid give-a-ways I have seen in a long time. There are so many delightful items in this one give-a-way how could one NOT participate. I can only imagine the vintage laces adorning a sweet little fairy or two, or three. This is one of those things that will make you feel like Christmas come twice this year if you are the lucky winner. Take a gander at the picture here:


If you would like to have an opportunity to win this fantastic give-a-way from such a generous artist, follow this link to her blog!

Good luck to all, but I do hope I'm the lucky winner! :-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In Loving Memory: Hannie Sarris

As we travel through this journey we call life, the roads we take will lead us to meet a countless number of souls in our time. There are those that are casual acquaintances, and then there are those that bond close kinships either through love or via friendship. Some are more remarkable than others, some gently linger in our minds and hearts for some time to come, then there are those that continue to give and bless long after their time here on earth has finished.

I believe that Hannie was all of these things and more; one of those gentle souls that will continue to bless many people even though her time on earth has ended. For those that do not know of Hannie Sarris, who past away this past Sunday, she was indeed a Master Sculptor, who many artist, including myself, aspired to learn from and be more like. Although I never had the opportunity to meet Hannie in person, through the stories that are shared amongst mutual friends, I can tell you she was a rare jewel with a wonderful kind heart who was always willing to share her knowledge with the rest of the artist community and those that wanted to learn. If more people could be like her in mind and spirit, the world would be a little bit better.

I feel I am blessed to own just a small piece of Hannie in my collection of books on doll making. A beautiful book that she created and that was signed by her. Long before this day arrived it has been one of my most treasured books in my collection of artistic knowledge on doll making. To any new learners out there seeking a wonderful instructional book, I would highly recommend this book. It is titled "Fairy Fantasy" by Hannie Sarris-Hulstein. I realize that the book is completely sold out, but there might still be some copies lingering about some place.

Fairy Fantasy

I wanted to share just a small sample of her work so you could understand just how wonderful her work truly was. Unfortunately, I had such a hard time selecting something, as it is all beautiful. So finally, I selected this picture which kind of sums up the feeling in the artdoll sculpting community. It is titled "Sense of Sadness" by Hannie Sarris. It is a bust made of Prosculpt light clay. It is one of my favorite pieces by her. I think you will find it appropriate.

"Sense of Sadness" By Hannie Sarris
Sense of Sadness by Hannie Sarris

In short, Hannie was indeed a master sculptor and a mentor to all of the doll making community in some way or another. She now belongs to the artistic muses that will guide artists on their creative journeys as they travel their own roads. She will forever be a star shining brightly in the heavens showing us all the way.

If you would like to see more of Hannie's work, please visit her website and see what a true master in sculpting that she really was. The doll making community will feel the loss of her bright soul for a long time to come.

God speed on your journey, Hannie. You will certainly be missed here in this world.