Sunday, December 29, 2013

Starting the New Year right!!

To be honest, I really hate setting a New Year's Resolution because just as you might imagine, it is usually some very lofty and unobtainable goal in which I never seem to accomplish and probably never will in my life-time.  So, rather than set myself up for defeat, I have decided that in this new year that is quickly approaching, I will simply try to do better!  That's it....simply do "better".   

I will strive to do better at keeping up with my blogging...including more WIPS!  I will hopefully do better at creating more dolls, each even "better" than the previous doll.  I would like to do better at making my work more available to all of you out there in the world, either through Ebay, Etsy or my website.   Heck, I will even try to do better at participating in more shows!  There are so many different things I can try to do "better" at, that the list is endless really.  Like, trying to be better at keeping my studio space cleaner and less cluttered!  haha  I think this is on every artist's list no matter what medium you might work in!  In fact, I have already been working at that one.  I consider that as my "before the new year resolution".  My goal is to have my studio completely organized, clean and ready to go before the new year arrives!  And can you believe that I have almost accomplished this goal!!!  Now, if I can keep it this way, that would be a great accomplishment!

At any rate, I figured, if I can be just a little bit "better" in everything that I do that pertains to my doll work than I did this past year of 2013, then, I will have accomplished quite a bit!  Being "better" is almost like taking baby steps.  I might not get there all at once, but I'll be well on my way to accomplishing great things!

As good as being "better" is for a resolution.... after more contemplation it occurred to me that I thought of something more I would like to add to my New Year's Resolution.  It's simple, and some of you might even be shocked, but it is to have "faith in myself and in my abilities".  To many of you out there, I probably seem like I do not lack confidence in any way, but deep down in side, there is still this young girl who is very unsure of some of the creative choices she makes (or I make rather).  I would like to find that little kindergarten girl who used to live inside of me!  She had no fears whatsoever!  She never doubted herself...she just did what she felt was right.  I want to be that person all over again.  To not only be imaginative but to have fun while I am doing it! 

Anyway, since the New Year IS right around the corner, I decided why delay on making good of my resolution!  We'll just start it out right!  So, tonight I re-listed one of the paper clay dolls on Ebay.  What the heck! A new year, beginning with a new moon, and a new attitude so why not?  

Stop by and wish her luck, cheer her on, and bid and take her home this week!  Add a new OOAK paper clay doll to your collection from The Pixie Knoll! 

Available this week is "Lorna"

"Lorna" on Ebay this week December 29 to January 5, 2014!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Twas the night before Christmas....

and all through the house.... 

I'm still running around like a crazy fool trying to complete all I had wanted to do in time for Christmas!  Here it is, almost midnight and I am trying to finish my cookie baking.  Who, on earth, in their right mind is still baking cookies at this hour?  No doubt, it would be me!  But, boy, oh boy, don't they smell good!  Right now, the smell of Chocolate Chip Shortbread cookies is wafting through the air. Earlier, it was Coconut Jumbles and Honey Sandballs.   Next on the list are Chocolate Crinkles and good 'ole fashioned Sugar Cookies.  Yes, yes, it is true, while most of you out there have nestled down for your long winters naps in your kerchief and caps, I am here in the kitchen baking cookies for Santa.  LOL  I seriously must have my head examined.  What was I thinking to decide to bake cookies all day long on Christmas Eve.  *sigh* 

At any rate, I wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa brings you all that you could hope for tomorrow.  But, most of all, I wish you love, peace and happiness and hope that your day is filled with the wonderful spirit of Christmas. 

Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Keeping in the Spirit!

In the spirit of Christmas, I have decided to lower the prices on my 4 auctions. For those of you who have been kindly following on Ebay, you will notice the change of prices this morning.   It is my way of saying thank you for all of your kind support over the years.  Without all of you, I would not be where I am today doing what it is that I love to do best....and that is CREATING

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Additions to the store!

Good day everyone!  

I'm just dropping in here a brief moment to let all of you good folks know that the Etsy store is now brimming with OOAK Santa ornaments and a few good snowmen too!   I have been told by many that my Santa ornaments resemble and have a feel of the Old World/Victorian styled Santa.  So, if you fancy that type of Santa in your decorating, then pop on over to the shop and take a look!  Again, I apologize that it's a bit late in the month to be adding them in, but, given all the circumstances, I think most of you will understand a wee bit and forgive me.   At any rate, hopefully next year, I will have more of a selection of different types of ornaments up for offer, as I have some ideas for some new stuff laying in the back of my noggin.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with a sample of what you will find in the Etsy store.  I hope you will come and visit the store.  Just a reminder: I will combine shipping and I ship priority mail too so you should get them in time for Christmas if you purchase soon!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
OOAK Santa ornament

OOAK Snowmen ornament set

At any rate, while all of you are busy with your day, I should get busy with mine.  Today, I will work on a few more paper clay dolls....clothes and wigging!  I wonder how they will turn out and if they will be as cute as the first 4 dolls?  Check back soon to find out!
Have a great day folks!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's about time...finished pieces and works in progress!

Today, marks a week after my surgery and I have to tell of the most DIFFICULT tasks has been not to lift anything that is more than a pound.  Heck, I think the bath towel weighs a pound or even my coffee mug!  It is a weird feeling to go about feeling helpless all day long and to expect someone to sit on their laurels and to do nothing but sleep.  Admittedly, I could not sit idle for too long as all the thoughts of things unfinished kept creeping up in to my head.  Of course, that was bound to happen as all creative minds find it difficult to stay idle for too long.  Surely, I can not be the only one out there?  Can I?

Well, needless to say, since my mind was active, I decided I just had to do something to make the time pass.  Of course, I should be relishing every minute of the excuse of not having to do anything, but I suppose I just could not help myself.  So in between jaunts to dreamland (because Dr.'s orders were to get plenty of rest mind you) I decided it would be alright to sit up at a small folding table at the couch side and work on a few unfinished pieces to finally be done with them.

I finally finished up 4 of the paper clay dolls.  For not having worked in paper clay for so long, I think my end results were pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  I still have quite a bit more to finish and will probably have more finished up by the end of the week, but for now, I am happy to have a few completed.  In fact, I have already listed them up on ebay for a 5 day auction.  I normally list my items up for the full 7 day duration, but this time I figured just in case someone might be interested in one for a Christmas gift, by the time the auction ended, and with 2 day priority mail, it might....just MIGHT, make it just in time to fit under the Christmas tree.  At the very least, I thought someone could place a picture inside of a box and wrap it up with the "IOU" gift and show the recipient what they will be receiving.  *shrug*  Just a thought.  So anyway, here are the 4 OOAK paper clay dolls on Ebay this week.  All of these dolls measure about 6.5 inches in length and have dangle arms and dangle legs to give them a bit of movement.  And, I have to admit, as you can see by the last picture with all of them posed together, they look super cute displayed in a grouping!  









"Gabby, Libby, Lorna, Millie
--OOAK Paper Clay Dolls--

Now, at least this will give you an idea of what they look like!  They are all so unique and I think that is fabulous!   I will also leave you with another picture of some that I will be working on this week.  I can not guarantee they will all be finished this week, but I am hoping to have at least a couple of them finished up by the end of the week.  They look pretty darn funny without hair and clothes.  But, I think it is fun to see where they come from and what the end up looking like in the end once they are completed.  Now remember....bald is beautiful!  It's funny to think that the ones above were all like this not too long ago!
The Rest of the Paper Clay Gang!

I probably still have another 12-15 more of these paper clay dolls that are not this far completed yet.  So, rest assured, you will see more as the time goes on.

Speaking of things being completed.  I nearly forgot to post up a few pictures of the commissioned Santa's I recently finished for a couple of dear clients.  I still have one more Santa commission to complete, and he will also be in the same likeness as the original "Father Yule (The Holly King)".   But, since I have a bit of time as the client is a good friend of mine, he is in no hurry just yet.  He's such a good soul.  :-)   At any rate, here are the 2 Santa's I did manage to complete just before surgery.  The pictures are not the best, but they are good enough to get an idea of how they turned out.  Both clients were extremely pleased with their Santa's, and that made me very happy!
"Father Yule (the Holly King)"

"Father Yule (the Holly King)"

"The Mistletoe King"

"The Mistletoe King" 
 As the lore goes, The Mistletoe King resides over half of the year beginning with the summer solstice and the Holly King reigns over the winter solstice for the 2nd half of the year.  Each one killing off the other in order to reign over their perspective part of the year.  It is a fascinating tale and stems from Celtic mythology with pagan roots and I believe is pre-Christianity.

As always, I want to thank all of you for your patience in waiting for me to post up these pictures. I realize it might have seemed like forever in between post, but darn it if life doesn't seem to always get in the way!   At any rate, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to add some Santa ornaments to the Etsy store. I've been told they have an old-world feel to them.  Just like always, pictures never do these pieces any justice, same holds true for the ornaments as well.  I'm not sure why, but it's not easy getting good pictures of ornaments...I think the light doesn't capture well on their eyes or something.  I just don't know.  LOL   But, either way, they will be listed for all to see.  Perhaps one might take a fancy to ya!  In the meantime, I'll check back with all of you later. And don't forget to check out my auctions and Etsy store for more additions coming soon!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Slow recovery

Have you ever noticed how everything seems to catch up to you all at once?  I would swear the second hand on the clock slipped away to no mans land in this past month and a half and left me stranded without a moments notice not knowing where all the time went too! 

Even though I had felt as if I had run out of time, I still managed to get quite a bit accomplished.  First, with the move to our new home....I nearly managed to get everything unpacked and in its proper place.  That is, with the exception of the studio.  I will admit that it is in somewhat of a "working" order, but there are still many things to be organized and put away before I am completely satisfied. 

Of course, too,  speaking of the house, there was that little matter of decorating for the holidays too!   Somehow I have managed to cook 1.5 Thanksgiving meals and have 3 Thanksgiving dinners as a result of all the cooking and family visits! Then, with the advent of Christmas, there was the real tree to be found at the Christmas tree farm and all of the lights to be hung outside!  Without a moment to spare, I managed to get the 7.5 foot tree decorated just in time.  In the meantime my poor hubby thought I was the Grinch, cracking the whip over the lights to be hung on the house, but truthfully, I think we were the last in the neighborhood to get ours up!  But in truth, we had a neighborhood Christmas party to attend so we wanted to be done by then.  Sadly, we didn't put up as many lights as we normally do, but it will have to suffice given the circumstances. 

At any rate, almost forgot to mention, we also had company come from Detroit.  It was my husband's great uncle whom I have never met; he stayed at my in-laws place.  We drove the hour two times yo visit with family....once to a small dance and the other night for a nice family dinner.  I have to say, Uncle Wally is a delightful man and I am glad to have had the opportunity to have met him on his rare vusit to Florida! 

So anyway, with the house put away and decorated almost to the hilt for Christmas, I still managed ti finish up 4 of the paper clay dolls...except for their wings, and another 8 are ready for clothing, hsir and wings too!   I will take pictures of the finished ones soon.  I also managed to finish up both Santa commissions as well and am very happy to say thst the new I owners were VERY pleased with them.  I also have pictures of them to share but unfortunately they are on my pc and not my tablet.   Maybe in a few days I will post them up along with some of the paper clay dolls.

Now with all that completed, I still found the time to make my Artist Garden Party Black Friday appearance too.  I met many wonderful people, had a lot of fun and enjoyed the view of Lake Dora and the fresh air,  but did not make any money.  So back to being a starving artist. Haha.

Now, through the course of ALL if this going on, I was scheduled for surgery too!  So I spent the last month running to and from Dr.s offices and surgical prep.  Yesterday, as many of you know already, I went in for a hysterectomy.  The surgery went well and I am already back at home nestled up on the couch enjoying my pain pills and the twikling lights on my Christmas tree!  Oh and the lights outside the window too, can't forget those! 

All in all, its been an extremely busy month to say the least.  I wanted to thank all of you for you patience, support, kindness and love while I have been dealing with many life changes recently, not only for me but my family as well.  With luck, this new year will be more relaxed and see many more creations completed by me.  In the meantime, I am gonna take one day at a time to heal up from the surgery!  Maybe I will find some spare energy to get a few pictures taken and list the new items up on Etsy.  But please, bare with me if you don't see them there right away.

Anyway, as always, thanks for following along here at The Pixie Knoll!