Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On the work bench....

Looking around my studio, there seems to be quite a few things sitting on my work bench or placed here and there, all of which are either unfinished or need the final touches.   I'm sure, once I catch up, it's going to seem as if I am completing all sorts of things all at the same time.  But, rest assured, as you all know, I've been working on some of these projects for quite some time now.  And, truthfully, it's about time I finish them up!! 

All in all though, that is part of the crafter's process I suppose; at least it is for me.  To work on "this" and "that" until we get to a certain point, then, lay it aside while another hopeful project begins to flourish in it's place.  However, even though some projects tend to be laid to the wayside, sometimes, it is necessary in the creating process to do that.  For instance, if you get irritated because something doesn't work they way you expect it to, or no matter what you try, it just doesn't look as you first imagined it to in your fantastical dreams.  So, alas, this is how sometimes we end up with numerous projects unfinished until one day, they all seem to come together quite nicely!

With that said, I am currently working on a project that has caused me to set it aside on a few occasions already.  Albeit, I am determined to finish it and not let it sit for a while in the corner.  And, too, I am at a standstill until something special arrives in the mail that I had to order specifically for this project.  I don't want to say what the item is just yet, because it will take a little technical know-how to do it....and I might not be able to accomplish what I'm seeking to do.  If it works out, I'll share with you later what was that I was waiting on in the mail.  haha 

Not to mention, I was hoping to have this one finished in time to submit to the DABIDA competition in the Netherlands.  The theme for this years competition is "Transformation" and the deadline is February 1.   If I am lucky, and I finish in time, then I will submit it.  I am not going to stress over trying to complete it in time as I do not think lady luck is going to be on my side, so, this piece will most likely  have to accompany me to the Quinlan show, unless it sells before that time.  

At any rate, the trick to working toward a theme is how does one accomplish this and still stick within the scope of what you already create?  I had many ideas on what I wanted to do, and truthfully, most of these ideas I have had for some time now just laying around in the back of the ole noggin waiting to come to fruition.   I will still work through some of those ideas that are in the noggin file cabinet sometime in the future, but for now, we'll just settle for this one in particular. 

At the moment, the figure is only half sculpted as well as the base.  It is starting to come to life all together, but, as I stated before, I am at standing point until my item comes in the mail.  So, here we are to date with what I have done on the "transformation" project. 

So this is where I am so far in the project.  My polymer clay was too soft for me to continue sculpting on the figure.  The base is done in paper clay and at a standstill until I get my supplies. Obviously, this is the biggest reason that I will probably not have it completed in time for submission to the DABIDA competition; because I have to wait for the air dry clay to dry.  Nevertheless, tomorrow is another day of sculpting on the figure at least.  If I am lucky, my supplies will come and I can spend the entire day in a sculpting flurry!  Once I am further along in the project, I will post more pictures for you to see.

I also wanted to share with you another auction I have on Ebay for this week.  In honor of Valentine's Day, I have put up "Valentine" at a special price.   Hopefully one of you might want to bring him home to be your very special Valentine.  I'm sure he'll pull on your heart-strings if you let him.

I hope you enjoy my WIP and will follow along with my progress in it's creation.  I would also like to invite you to check out my latest auction of "Valentine" too. 

As always, thank you for following along here at The Pixie Knoll!  Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated!  

Have a wonderful evening folks!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Up on the Auction Block!

The rumors were true, you have heard correctly, it's finally happened!  My MOST coveted piece of work is finally on the auction block this week:  "Joy Ride".  

I have enjoyed this piece of work and held it close to my heart probably far too long.  It is not fair of me to be selfish in keeping it to myself since I am the creator.   It is time it left the nest; time to let my dragon fly into the heart of a new owner, one who will cherish him and his little pixie rider friends as much as I have over the last couple of years.   "Joy Ride" has done well by me.  I have won many honors, accolades, and published in various articles regarding the creation and it's honors. 

Whom ever should be the lucky recipient of this wonderful piece will definitely be getting a piece of my artistic soul as I poured many an hour in it's creation and coveting it since it's birth into this world.  

It is my pleasure to offer him up to all of you, the collector and long-time admirer, the opportunity to own an award winning one-of-a-kind work of art.  He is truly a great conversation piece and worthy of the right collector who choses to own "Joy Ride". 

Here is the link to the "Joy Ride"  Ebay auction!   Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Publication Announcement!

Take a look at this folks!!!  My works have been published inside the January 2014 issue of the Internationally distributed Pretty Toys Magazine!  And, to boot, my name is mentioned on the front cover.  I can not express how excited I am over this publication.  This magazine is one of the best out there featuring the top doll makers from around the world...and I am now a small part of it!  What an honor to be selected and have my doll work shown within it's pages.

Pretty Toys Magazine reaches countries all over the world, being published in many different language formats.  It's pages are chock full of eye candy for the doll collector or anyone who fancies figurative works.  Not to mention, it's not cluttered up with ads and classifieds like many publications are.   You can go to their website and purchase a digital copy or a hard copy.  Yes, it is more costly to purchase but, you have 144 pages of wonderful reading and looking material, and barely no advertising.  So, what are you waiting for?  Why not support this wonderful publication and order your copy today! Believe me, it's well worth the purchase!  Follow the link to order your copy. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Finally, we have made it!

Out with the old and into the New Year 2014!  And, as promised, I am here to update my world at The Pixie Knoll. 

I trust everyone had a very safe New Year's event loaded with lot's of fun with good times and great memories with wonderful friends.  As for myself, my hubby and I decided to be a little low key this year since I am still mending from the hysterectomy of last month and to top it off I managed to get a massive kidney infection, all of which did not lend much to having a lot of fun doing crazy things like leaping over bonfires and such.  However, I did enjoy the peace and quiet of my new surroundings and the small fire works display created by my new neighbors on the other side of the canal behind my house.  As I was enjoying my surroundings, the song by Louis Armstrong come to mind    It's one of my favorite songs of all time.  I thought, what a wonderful song to start the New Year off with because, after all, it is a wonderful world in which we live. 

Other than the arrival of the New Year, I did manage to get my studio completed...for the most part.  There are still a few things that I might re-arrange later down the road, but for the time being, it is in working order and organized, and THAT is all that matters.  Some of you have already seen the pictures of my new studio space posted up on Face Book, however, for those that do not follow me along there, I thought I would include those pictures here for you to look at.  In all, I love my new space.  It has ample lighting, plenty of storage areas and a lot of room to move around in.  I think you will agree once you see the pictures.  Also, you will find on my work bench, some up and coming projects that I will be finishing soon.  There are 4 more paper clay dolls that are bald and beautiful now, but they will soon be completed with hair and trimmings.  Also, sitting behind them in plastic bags, you might see parts of more paper clay dolls that have been in the works for some time waiting to be finished up as well.  Anyway, let me know what you think of my work space.  I would love to hear your feedback! 

The Work Bench! For those who want to know, I got the work bench at
Harbor Freights at a VERY reasonable price and it's fantastic!
Storage space with rolling cart underneath.

The Sewing Table with nice shelving above.
 Rolling storage cart and the doors to the studio.
My collection of art books and more storage space. Also a sketch box easel in
the corner near the door, ready to go on a moments notice!

My storage closet and my large floor easel leaning against the wall.

Storage closet with the door closed to hide all the art paper supply and stuff.

What is currently on the work bench!

4 paper clay dolls ready for wigging and trims.  You can barely see a plastic bag
sitting behind them with more paper clay dolls that are in the works too!
Ribbons I have won in the past for my paintings and illustrations from various
art show competitions in my area. 

Additional storage I confiscated in the family room just outside of
my studio!  All organized so that I can find things easily.  :-)
That concludes the tour of the studio at The Pixie Knoll.  I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my new work area.  Hopefully, there will be lots of creating going on in here very soon.  As for now, it's time to take down all the Christmas decorations and get the rest of the house looking like the normal every day living space so that I can get on with creating in the new studio! 
In the meantime, don't forget I still have "Lorna" up for Ebay auction.  She has just over a day left....her auction ends on Sunday night roughly about 7:30 p.m. EST.   So, if you were considering on bidding on that paper clay cutie, now is the time to do it before it's too late!  Here is her link to make it easy for ya!
As always, thanks for following along here at The Pixie Knoll!