Sunday, September 7, 2014

Show Announcements!

I hope all of you folks are doing well and have been busy catching the last bit of rays from the summer sun before the cool breezes of autumn sweeps in Jack Frost to nip at your noses! 

As for myself, I have been extremely busy working toward the Halloween show event Spirits in Sanford that is coming up at the beginning of October, the 3rd and 4th to be exact!  You can find all sorts of one-of-a-kind Halloween themed art by many international artist at the show that is located at the Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Museum in down town Sanford, Florida.  For more information on the show and all the ghoulish details, be sure to stop by their website at  If you love all things Halloween and miss the old folk-styled art of the Halloween of yesteryear, then this is an event you do not want to miss out on!   I know I am looking forward to attending the event, so I do hope you guys will take the time to stop by for a visit!  And, for those that are curious as to what I might have on display at the show here is a sneak peek of a few items you will see on my table!
"Gertrude's New Familiar"


"Matilda's Flight"

But, this is not the only show event that I will be attending during the month of October!  I know, it's crazy to think I would be doing a second one in the same month, and I probably need my head examined for this, but hey, it's all par for the course, and when you are in this line of business, this is just part of the job.  :-)   At any rate, I will also be showing at the annual Mount Dora Craft Festival.  I usually try to set-up a table at this event, but this time, I will be at a new location  AND I will be showing for 2 full days as well!  I'm REALLY excited to be able to set-up for 2 days.  Up until now, I have only been able to display for one day, so I'm really pleased to have the opportunity to show for the additional day.  I will still be located inside of a building, so if you are looking to get out of the sun and cool off for a bit, please stop by and see me.  Heck, stop by and see me anyway!  Stop by and see me TWICE!!  That would be awesome!!  So, if you haven't seen the information on my website yet, then, I figured I would post it here for all of you good folks and save you the time and trouble of having to click.  :-D  

My location address that I will be displaying my work is:
Congregational Church of Mount Dora
650 North Donnelly Street
Mount Dora, Florida 32757

This way, you have the address and can add it to your GPS so you can come and find me.  I'm not sure of the EXACT spot yet, but it should be right near the main street of the event, (within a block I think)  but remember, I will be inside the building!  So please, do not hesitate to stop in and see me there!  I will have all sorts of goodies up for offer from the latest pixies, some Halloween stuff (whatever I have left-over from Spirits in Sanford)  and also some Christmas stuff too!  Of course, every thing is one-of-a-kind too, so it's a good time to get in some early Christmas shopping too!

So, that only leaves one other show announcement that is up and coming.  Albeit, it is way down the road and into next year, next June 2015 to be exact, but I'm pretty excited about it.  I have signed up for the IDS show or the International Doll and Teddy Show 2015.  This is the "replacement" show for what was known as IDEX, except it is run by a different group of people.  From what I understand, it is very much the same show for the most part.  So, if you used to attend the IDEX show in Orlando and you miss seeing all of the wonderful collectors items created by international artist, then this is the next show to attend.  (Aside from the Quinlan show that is)  At any rate, the full list has not been completed yet of all the artist show attendees but you can go to their website and see who will be attending the event so far and make plans to attend for yourself!    Anyway, it is not completely written in stone yet that I will be attending, but I have staked claim to a table for the show.   There is a lot that will hinge on this decision to make it possible and that is financing.  So, in order to be able to show there and the Quinlan show this coming year, I need to move some of the pieces I have created thus far.
It has been said that, "a journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step", and so, I take my first step of this journey by adding some items up on Ebay auction in hopes that all of you are starting to think about your Christmas shopping.  Perhaps we can help each other get a great deal for a one-of-a-kind piece of art at a spectacular price....and I am able to fund the trips I need to take as a working artist!  It's a win-win can you go wrong!

So, to start the fun off right, this week I have up for auction 3 items.  Pictures truly do not do these guys any justice what-so-ever!  You will not be disappointed.  Why don't you stop by and take one home with you! 


"Blue Belle and Blue Bird"

"Pixie Bunting Mica"

As always, thank you very much for stopping by The Pixie Knoll and for following along on my doll making journey!  

Have a great day.  :-)