Tuesday, October 21, 2014

'Tis the Season...

I am sure I am not the only one who becomes a bit disgruntled when you begin seeing Christmas decorations on the shelves in stores located an isle over from the Halloween d├ęcor.  I for one, would love to get through the fall season with all it's decorating splendor without the notion and reality that Christmas is fast on it's heels to haunt my purse strings.   Unfortunately it is the way of the marketing world of free enterprise.  The Christmas holiday season is the time when most companies make their biggest profits for the year.  Unfortunately, they are not alone in their endeavor, as I too, being an entrepreneur in the arts, fall victim to the same theme of the season. 

With that said, kick me if you like, but as the artsy, crafty type, you have to work a year ahead when it comes to holiday created creations.  The countless hours creating and the little to no pay for each item sold.  Creating for the sake of creating in hopes that someone out there in the world will love the item you created and want it as their own to love as much as you did when you created it.  (Of course, this rule applies to any hand-made item created whether it is holiday related or not!)   And too, not to mention, going it single-handedly,  as the artsy, crafty type, you take on the big business industry with their mass reproductions and their flood gate of surplus on the shelves in every huge chain store in the world!  Unfortunately, as I am just one of the crafty types in the world, I put my meager, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind wares on the table for the world to see, much like the days of old in the markets, showing and sharing my wares to barter for small bits of coin to put supper on the table whilst the big companies shower you with their reproduced goods

So, you wonder, what is the point to all of this?   The point here is simple really.  Before you head out to the big chain stores and are hit by the glitz and glamour of holiday reproductions and before you go and buy the gifts for your loved ones that are mass produced......why not consider something a little bit more home-spun from the heart?  Something that is special and hand-made with love and countless hours pouring over each tiny little detail that most fail to consider?  There are many artisans out there who create many types of wonderful hand-crafted goods, from very useful and practical items to those that hold special meaning to collectors.  With that said, I encourage each and every one of you to consider making at least one of your purchases...just one.....from a entrepreneur of hand-crafted items such as myself.  That is my only request for this holiday season.   If each person can go out and purchase just one single item from an artist, the world would be a much better place.  Big business will always be there as they make millions of dollars each year.  But the artist down the road might truly be struggling to put food on the table and buy gifts for their own children and their creations are the only way they know how to supplement their incomes to make ends meet.    So, the point is this holiday season BUY hand-crafted items instead of the mass produced items from big business!!!

Alright, I'm done preaching to the choir about making that one special purchase for the year, so now, I'm going to show you what I have been up to lately since it seems like forever since my last post!  I'm sure most thought I fell off the end of the world again, but in truth, I feel like I haven't even seen the light of day in forever!  

As you all know, I recently did a huge Halloween collection of one-of-a-kind items for the Sprits in Sanford show.  I had at the least 16 items created especially for the show, not to mention a total of 20 bat ornaments too for those that collect Halloween themed ornaments for Halloween trees!  It's true, it's all the fad....Halloween trees!  In fact, next year, I will be putting up my very own Halloween themed tree just because I can.  LOL    Speaking of ornaments, here is a sample pic of one of the bat ornaments.  Granted, it's not the best pic, but good enough for you to get an idea.  Believe it or not, these nifty bat ornaments measure about 5 to 6 inches across and about 3-4 inches tall.  I have a few left in the orange glittered wings, but most are the black or reddish colored glitter wings.  Each is an OOAK, but all look similar.  If you are interested in a purchase for your own decorations, just send me an email.  They are $20.00 each plus shipping.  I still have a lot of items left over from the show as well.  Feel free to check out the "Coven of Crones" section on my website for available items.  If you see something you like, again, just email me at lori@thepixieknoll.com  I haven't had a chance to load the items up to my Etsy store just yet because I have been extremely busy preparing for the show in Mount Dora!
Speaking of the Mount Dora Craft Festival......    That will be this coming weekend!  So, if you are in the local area here in Central Florida, you might consider coming to see it.  It's HUGE with a ton of great things to see and buy.  As I mentioned, I will be there with my OOAK creations, art dolls and ornaments alike.  My location is an inside location at the Congregational Church of Mount Dora, 650 N. Donnelly Street, Mount Dora, Florida 32757.  If you can make it....please be sure to stop by and say hello and check out my wares! 

What am I bringing you ask?  Well, again, I'll have a little bit of everything, Halloween to Christmas and my usual items from the Pixie Knoll!  In fact, my latest creations have been some super cute snowmen ornaments.  They measure about 5-6 inches in length and are made from paper clay.  So, they are considerably light-weight.   Each one is a unique creation since I do not use molds to create any of my items.  If you see one you like, again, just send me a description of it to my email to see if it is still available.   They are $20.00 each.   Here, you can see the process of their creation.  The sculpting, drying time, sanding, primer and the finished painting.  Over a weeks time went in to creating just these 20 ornaments!  Hard to believe really.  But, the finished product was extremely worth it!  They are seriously adorable!  Just see for yourself.  :-D 

Anyway, aside from these snowmen ornaments, I also sculpted a nice face for an upcoming project that I would like to share with you.  I would say the size of the head measures close to a baseball size.  So, it's a pretty good size and will be a doll about 18" tall if I had to guesstimate.  She will be a beauty when she is finished I think.  Only time will tell.  I'm not sure when she will be finished as I have a TON of stuff on my work bench at the moment.  Just know she is just one of many things to come in the near future!  
At any rate, thanks to all of you who stuck it out during what seemed to be a "down time period" here on my blog.  As you can see, I have been extremely busy over the last month.  Again, I encourage you to stop by my website and see all of the Halloween goodies that I have available too.  Or, just stop by to see all of the things that I created in the last couple of months.  Then, you will see how extremely busy I have been since my last post and know why I have barely seen the light of day of late!  LOL  You will be amazed at all the creations!  http://www.thepixieknoll.com/coven-of-crones.html 
As always thanks for stopping by my blog and seeing what I have had on the work bench here at The Pixie Knoll!   And, don't forget to stop by the Mount Dora Craft Festival to say hello!  I look forward to seeing you there!!!