Sunday, June 14, 2015

Now available...

Just as I promised earlier in my previous post, my newest finished piece "Summer School" is now available on Ebay this week! 

Her auction begins Sunday, June 21, 2015 and will end next Sunday, June 28, 2015.   I am most certain this class clown has already found a special place in your hearts just as she has mine.  So don't let her swim away before you have had your chance to place your bid!  For more details, be sure to check out the auction link!

"Summer School"

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Calm After the Storm.....(with pics too!)

Just as I was getting ready to sit and make my blog post about the past week at the International Doll and Teddy Bear Show in North Carolina, we had a torrential downpour here and we lost our power for a little while.  With all of the excitement of the thunderstorm, it made me think that the time period after a show is very much like the "calm after the storm". 

Amidst all of the chaos during a show, there comes a time afterwards where we reflect on the recent events that have taken place.  For me, I think of all the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to meet, the new friends I have made, areas that I can improve on my work and display and those things that I have accomplished.  All of these things are of great importance to me.  After each show there is always something fun and exciting I have taken home with me, whether it be a physical item or a special thought or memory. 

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the show patrons who came to see the show and those that made purchases from all of the artist.   Without the support of the collectors, it would not be possible for the artist to continue doing the shows.  So thank you to all who did come and a special thank you to those that made purchases during the show. 

I also want to give a special thank you to those individuals who stopped by my table who took the time to really look and appreciate my art, and for all of the wonderful compliments, encouragement and congratulations you bestowed upon me.  I very much enjoyed the conversations with each and every one of you. All of you made my show all the more wonderful because of the time you took to visit me and my work.....this especially applies to the super nice fella who comes to read my blog on a regular basis.  You know who you are!  :-)   It is always nice to share in an intelligible conversation about art and the many ways to approach similar processes as well as those art forms that are unique but still in a figurative form.  Thank you for the delightful conversation we shared.   And, of course, the wonderful women who stopped by and asked how I went about my creative process to create my figures.   If you had not noticed, I LOVE to talk about the creative process and what each of my creations mean to me.  I feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I get to talk about how I create.  Thank you for all the moments of happiness your brought to me.  I am so very thankful to each of you for taking the time to stop and talk, not only to discuss what I do, but also with what you other creative souls do in your spare time.  :-)  Since I had such a good time at the show, I wanted to let you all know that I have already signed up to return to the show next year!  So, once again, if things work out, I will be returning to both the Quinlan show in Philadelphia and the IDTS in North Carolina!  So, be sure to mark your calendars now this way you do not miss out on these fantastic events!

Anyway, now that I am back home and have "calmed" down a bit from my worldly travels, I wanted to share a bit of my excitement from the show events.   For those that have not heard yet, my dragonfly piece "World Traveler" took a Dolls Award in Excellence from Dolls Magazine!  I am so thrilled and honored to have received this prestigious award!!  This is the 3rd year in a row that I have been recognized for my artist dolls by Dolls Magazine and that is a big accomplishment for me!  So, a special thank you goes out to Dolls Magazine for selecting my World Traveler
"World Traveler" with his award!

Here I am at the Dolls Magazine booth collecting my award.  Yes, I was being goofy.  LOL

The IDTS team was about the show room taking pics and they snapped this one of me at my table. 
Boy was I sleepy in this picture. 
Before I left for the IDTS in North Carolina, many of you might remember that I was working on one last project to take with me.  I did manage to get it finished in time, unfortunately I did not have the time to add pictures to the blog here before I left.  You know how it is, most of us work up to the last and final minutes before we head to our show.  Anyway, I wanted to add the pics up for those of you who might not follow me on Face Book or did not make it to the show.  The new piece is called "Summer School".  The idea is that she is the class clown in her school of fish.  :-P   I hope you like her!  Pictures never do these justice on here.  She is a lot prettier in person and the colors really pop out at you.  She is a very bright and cheerful piece.  I will be putting her up for auction once I get it ready.  So stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, enjoy "Summer School"!
"Summer School"

"Summer School"

"Summer School" rear view

"Summer School" hand detail.

"Summer School" rear view (literally)  HAHA

Now that I have brought you good folks up to date on my latest accomplishment and finished piece of work, it's time to head back into the studio and work on some Halloween projects for my upcoming show "Spirits in Sanford" that is in Sanford, Florida!  

As always, thanks for stopping by and encouraging my artistic endeavors!